didn't personally attend art school, but I've been reading all of those tweets of people's experiences and wondering if anyone actually had a good experience ;;;

@sush i'm in art school right now and i love it!! i'm meeting so many people with the same interests as me, and my teachers are helping me practice in different things that I don't have a lot of experience in c: I'm also going to a really small college (it's only one small building) so the student/teacher community is really small and close!

@sush I'm at art school now and I'm enjoying it! my course is very supportive and I've learned a lot of things that have been useful to me in starting my career. The time to experiment and create without pressure has also been super helpful. <3

@sush I think art school will always mean different things to different people and while I do feel very antsy now to graduate and get out into the world, when I look back, I know I was in NO way ready for that when I left school. If nothing else, the time to grow and develop personally has been essential to my confidence in beginning a career. <3

@morrighancorbel yeah, I think in a way the experience is determined based on how the student reacts and their attitude towards learning too. It's good to hear there are people who really appreciate it and have good things to say about it too! All the best for when you graduate, sounds like you've got everything together!

@sush Oh gosh, definitely. I've augmented my experience with lots of going out and doing things myself and I think that's what a lot of students sometimes miss- university gives you lots of chances to be a go-getter but not everyone does. Also, thank you, I work very hard to maintain that perfectly crafted lie. :')

I wouldn't have changed it for the world (other than making better use of resources) but I also didn't realize how snarky one of my professors was until years later "wait. She was being sarcastic!!" But seriously my experience expanded my knowledge and skills exponentially and provided me a lot of life long friends and opportunities.

@digitalduckie it's probably good you didn't notice her attitude bc it's probably what makes a lot of others feel bad about their work ;;; ahh, the making friends who are into art is something I wish I could have experienced too. Good to hear people sharing the positives :)

@sush Mine wasn't bad, I just think I would have been better on a different course. I can learn that stuff on Youtube now luckily.

But I did learn some amazing skills, made contacts, got a lot of experimentation in, and it pushed me to actually feel really professional about my work. Probably not worth £27k + living, but it pulled me out of a critical slump.

It really depends what it can bring to you as a person, both art-wise and life-wise.

@sush I had a good experience while reading the suffering of others, validating my decision to not attend art school. 😆

@sush i basically dropped out of art school because it was so bad. Luckily I was doing combined with creative writing and journalism so I could switch onto doing that and get out of the toxic mess that was art school

@sush hahahahaha..... maybe it's the hardships that help shape our voice

@sush honestly i think art school environment was great for me- but i also went to the only art school in the states that isn’t private. it makes a huge difference when everyone’s there to be career-minded and self improve because so many of us paid our own way. i visited some friends at various private art schools and immediately was turned off by the removed environment and l o a d s of rich kids there “for fun”

@sush that being said, the best thing art school gave me was ability to take critique often and constructively, and to show me how to learn new skills quickly. those are things probably most art schools have in common, and things i still use constantly!

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