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hoping to fill that gaping hole in my chest left by social networks that died in 2009

i get so close, but something always seems to fall through the cracks

for now there is still a net positive but eventually...i'm probably only going to post updates and nothing else

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i find myself unfollowing and muting more and more people on twitter....there's no filters anymore. Witnessing shocking thoughts being expressed so casually bc we've all become so accustomed and desensitised to it, makes me not want to be there...the more i learn about the machine learning side of the algorithm and how uncontrollable it really is, the more i don't want to feed it the dark parts of our humanity

tired of so many things, my own thoughts reflected back to me

suppose it'll be nice to have a place to spill my guts every once in a while and maybe post art

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hmm hmm, need to think about what I actually like to do when updating. The most fun was back when there was xanga and LJ.

my days feel good bc i finally have some sort of routine. Being able to use each one to their full potential fills me with excitement and I'm enjoying the process much more

lately I've found it really enjoyable being a beginner at something, you feel like you're making progress everyday but it makes working on stuff you already have experience in somewhat excruciatingly painful in comparison

okay, ezine #6 is teaching me that if I like a sketch enough to keep it.... then gdi finish it there and then

time to make a coffee and get on with some reviews ☕

hey mastodon, I finally downloaded an app onto my new phone. There have been things on my mind lately.

just filmed my sketchbook tours, found 2 more sketchbooks, it's outstanding to me how i had to go through so many drawings before achieving any type of quality consistency OTL

Lately I've been having thoughts and delving into topics I never thought I'd ever think about. It's not something I can easily ignore, and it's really having an effect on my moods, productivity and well being.
How do I word this? It's like all of a sudden having your entire perception of the world completely flipped upside down? Man, there's so much we just don't know, I worry too much.

Finished version :) it'll probably be the only thing I paint this month (and last of the year!) Happy Holidays ⭐️

Song of the Day:
If You Want Love - NF

If you want love, you gon' have to go through the pain.
If you want love, you gon' have to learn how to change.
If you want trust, you gon' have to give some away.

There is no greater evil than this.

The future I was always looking forward to is no longer a reality; therefore I must only live in the present. This is how we were always meant to exist and know that we are truly alive. To spread love and compassion, to extend a hand and to face adversity together.

Individually we will not triumph but collectively we will. Do not fear your fellow man, for we should not fight amongst us but against the greater threat outside of ourselves.

Be brave. God be with you all.

also, something i'm working on // learning new ways to paint stuff is really fun, i'm enjoying the process more - instead of getting all caught up in the details

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