How come sometimes they're OCs and sometimes they're just characters? Like, Subject 8 is an OC. Katie is a character. Spark and Plug are OCs. Trinity is a character.

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Is it just whether or not they're in some larger work, rather than a standalone character or one that only appears in one-off comics? 🤔 (Not counting fanfic, because there the distinction is important.)
Like I'd call a bunch of artists' characters OCs because they do appear in art and comics and have a larger universe but there's no story being told, really, just disconnected little scenes to develop the world and characters a little

@sunsetmoth For me, a "character" is one that is moulded to suit their role in a story, while an "OC" is one around whom stories are moulded, if they're included in stories at all.


@silverseams is something wrong with @godtributes? I haven't seen anything other than "GOD" in a while.

@sunsetmoth It says that like 95% of the time, something like that. Been trying to decide whether to make "goddess" have equal time, or whether it's better to drop "goddess" because "god" is genderless.

@silverseams I feel like it shouldn't stack the same term twice in one post.

@sunsetmoth That's another consideration I've had, yeah: for the double-exhortations, make the second one always be a variant one.

@sunsetmoth For me an "OC" is a character created for myself, around an idea/theme that's doesn't have to be related to anything. They usually don't have full backstory or all of their design elements figred out at the beginning. I will just draw them and figure things out and change them (or not) as I go.

A "Character" is when I design it to perform a very specific role, for example in a comic, and they are defined by it, and I don't develop them further once my goal for them is reached.

@sunsetmoth This doesn't mean I won't include an OC in a comic or larger piece of work, but rather that I let them be their own beings that can be explored and changed continuously over the years. They're not one and done designs.

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