Can we truly separate art from artist?

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@sunsetmoth We always *can*. Whether we *should* is a different question (and one which does not have a simple answer).

@aaribaud I feel like stuff like doing it to Bignic's music is mostly fine? (He's an asshole on Twitter, hate to bring this news to anyone who didn't know.) Instrumental music is hard to insert politics into, and most of his is.

I just don't recommend it to other people because I don't want to imply support for him as a person.

@sunsetmoth As to Bignic, my opinion will have to wait, as I don't know (and to be honest, don't feel any urge to learn) anything about him.

Plus, that would only be my opinion, and one of the complications of answering the "separate art from artist or not" question is, this is a *subjective*, not objective, topic [1/2].

@sunsetmoth IOW, if someone wants to separate art from artist, that's their right, and if someone else wants not to, that's their right too. None of them is objectively wrong, and none of them objectively right. One can even choose to decide on a case-by-case basis, and definitely should not be prevented to act so. [2/2]

@sunsetmoth If the answer is 'no', what does that mean for art from unknown artists? Medieval music, ancient Greek statues or illegal graffiti, for example?

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