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For those looking for a download for my resource pack, it's available here, although it's unfinished as of posting this. I usually update it just whenever.

You can pick one (relatively recent) game to get an expansion about half the length of the original game. What game do you pick?

mostly so i can do this bit:
"i saw [thing]s today"
"were they in a group?"
"it's a treason, then"

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is there an animal for which the group name is "treason?" you've got a murder of crows, a flock of sheep... is there a treason of something?

this isn't a joke, don't start, it's hard to put down.

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cookie clicker tip:
click the locked achievement directly to the right of "what's in a name" if you haven't already.

hat kid commits acts of violence and mayhem with concerning frequency

🎶 I'll keep going, just stay by my side 🎶

trapped in that space of needing to go to bed but also wanting to finish the current song

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laura shigihara's music is just Good

i always end up here past midnight though... a curious common denominator. always on these late-night music-and-emotions things...

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broke: Revenge
woke: From the Ground Up, Cube Land

TIL that "Field of Hopes and Dreams" from deltarune shares NO LIETMOTIFS with "Hopes and Dreams" from UNDERTALE? if you'd asked me before now i would've said it was a direct remix wtf

if you write dimensions as height x width... why???? why would you do this????

i love the idea of being able to block the accounts associated with ads on twitter so that eventually, all the ads i get are super weird obscure things that i might be interested in or are at least funny rather than gigacorps jamming Product[tm] down my throat

ugh i played deltarune and now i'm tempted to make an RPG about my experience with escapism. i already have too many projects! no! no more!

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@starwall i am sure this will go well, and nothing bad will happen

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Survivor island style mastodon instance where a limited number of of initial posters periodically vote one among themselves other off the instance until only 3 remain, at which time the remaining posters decide among themselves who will be crowned the sole poster

someone posts a weird search engine, it's supposed to like... find tangentially-related stuff. i search "deltarune" because it's the first thing that comes to mind because i was just playing it. the first result after the wikipedia page is the website of someone in the discord it was posted in

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