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For those looking for a download for my resource pack, it's available here, although it's unfinished as of posting this. I usually update it just whenever.

vaaaaaaague undertale spoilers 

Wait... Why is Hotel/CYRCTAH,IDRAMOMPOA before Spider Dance? Doesn't that fight come right before the hotel?

Stronger Monsters is still one of my favorite songs off the Undertale soundtrack.

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think one of the funniest replies I've gotten on here was after posting some sculpture stuff someone going "wow must be nice to have a table"

(the song is Temmie Village, technically there's a section that goes lower than the main pattern I'm referencing here but still! it sucks and i hate it!)

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i hate when there's ONE NOTE in a song that's below my range. it's like bah-boh-bah-boh-bah- -bah- . and it's just like. voice, get with the program, c'mon

that feeling when you put on warm clothes when you're cold but you're still cold because you need time to warm up. bad

Okay but undertale has such dramatic song names sometimes. like "BURN IN DESPAIR"

actually mostly just burn in despair

Problem: I need to catch up with my math class. There's a PDF that includes everything but "here's how to make the calculator do stuff" (and I can google that part easy enough) but I don't know where to stop. So I'm inclined to just learn the whole thing... except then I have no reason to go to class, and my parents really want me to go.

RSS feed for a comic I read sends an image of the current page... but it's too low-rez to actually read.

Why? Why not just send a link?

Hate this:
On my stats class practice test, there's a table where the last column is "5 or more" instead of "5."

It's treated as just 5, as evidenced by the answer key.

Nowhere in the lecture was it mentioned that "X or more" should be treated as "X."

It really seems like that problem is there to make you slip up and assume 5+ is just 5. But that's the right answer. 😒

Hooray, collecting items now works, and NPCs can watch item values to keep internal dialogue values correct.

(The game is still a Godot logo, five words on the ground that say "scrap," and a box labelled "bill" that talks to you, but hey, progress is progress.)


honestly? just wanna take a nap

also everything is too cold

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Ugh... I missed my meds for a couple days and took them today and now I feel weird. I can't focus on anything, either, I have this constant anxiety that I need to be doing this one thing (more than I usually get when putting something off) but I can't focus on it, which doesn't help when trying to focus on anything else.

Reaaaaally tempted to make a GDScript editor that works like Scratch. But I have so many projects, plus school... Agh. Too much to do, too little time, too little time.

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gmod skit characters be like "don't mind this, this is my lunch" and show you a watermelon

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I am like, 5. I need to call my doctor about my back so I set a reminder in slack about it, except I set it as just "spine"

"you asked me to remind you 'spine'" hasn't failed to make me laugh yet and I've seen it like 5 times so far

On that note, I doubt anyone even knows Duskers exists, but it just occurred to me... can you do "defense r6" to only turn on the turret in room 6 and not any others that might shoot my drones if I don't check thoroughly?

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I'm pretty sure I lose more drones in Duskers to accidentally turning on the turrets when a drone is in a room with one or forgetting to turn them off before checking to see what they killed than I lose to actual enemies.

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