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my commissions are open! i do icons & full bodies! examples & info below!

i also do sketches for cheap on ko-fi!

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hi, i'm sunny! i'm a nonbinary trans masc guy who loves cartoons, comics, horror, monsters, mysteries, and video games!

i'm polyamorous and i have two partners i love very much!

i also love making cute art! i mostly draw furries and fan art for my favorite interests!

my commissions are almost always open, feel free to dm me about potential comms at any time!

alright everybody im gonna start the moving process here we go

im gonna check out the local timeline a little more but i'm thinking about moving to so i won't feel as guilty about shitposting so much lmao

god if i volunteered my time and effort to take over an administrative role of an unruly gaggle of 3,000 people and some shithead said I was "staging a coup" I'd fistfight them

water is really good, i should drink this stuff more often

(me, heaping abuse on the new admin) haha that'll show em

(the new admin decides to shut the place down)

what. why. i've been nothing but polite...

Halloween #YCH avatars

2 versions to choose from
$25 usd each

Any character
Any species
Costumes and accessories OK
Background included (will not be changed)
Flat color only

Use the form to reserve a slot:

i wish i could be as gay as the skeleton from scary godmother

she's pissed off almost every other creature and has essentially turned the world into one big pvp zone

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@richie Sure! I grew up watching a lot of DiC animated shows as a kid so I drew Furbys in that style.

lewd text 

asking her "why are you attaching a cock ring to your creature's ass"

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watching a friend commit crimes against humanity in spore

Everybody asks what’s clout but no body asks HOWS clout

instance shopping is so annoying especially when i can't keep up with all the beef everyone has with each other

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good thing i didn't mention i was considering since apparently they have a sex pest of some sort

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instance hopping like a hermit crab trying on different shells and shaking its little head when it doesn't fit

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