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Guess who has a new profile pic~~~

Commissioned by me to the lovely @sunflower ~~~

@Sasukecoochieha !!!!! i just saw this omg i'm so glad everything got to you safe! i couldn't have asked for a better home for that lil froggie :D

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Got my package from @sunflower !!!! Everything is *chefs kiss* I’m so excited to put these stickers on everything I own :D

@Aleums ty sam!!!! i have also always been obsessed. like medusa's story is bleak as hell but something that really resonated with me. and recently i was thinking like.... for me a part of getting my power back has been transitioning. and so to show that with a gorgon felt really good. his body was once stolen from him but now he is reclaiming it

anyway sorry for the dissertation but it's something really near and dear to me haha

first sketchbook sunday post is up for members!

for only $1/month you can get behind the scenes access to my work 🖤


leftover sales are happening now! so if you missed the original sale you can pick up your very own copy of the zine and some of the merch from my shop!


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i can finally share my full painting from the monster boy zine! i had so much fun with this project and i'm so proud of it, and this piece 🐍

hi everyone! i am working on some new stuff but i just wanted to update in case you don't follow my main...

my surgery bill is due in two weeks and i am $719 away from being able to pay it

i'm so grateful for any boosts and donations if you are able.. seriously no amount is too small!

my commissions are also still open and 20% off until march 17th!!! currently i have one painting spot open and unlimited avatar spots open so hmu!! 🖤


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i'll be starting SKETCHBOOK SUNDAYS and WIP WEDNESDAYS next week! if you wanna see behind the scenes of my art, join today!


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update on my ko-fi for members! just basic info on what to expect for the next month.

for as little as $1/month you can have access to behind the scenes, sketchbook posts, and more!


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cookin up some stuff for march because it's my bday month!!!!

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@InternetEh thanks! all your work always inspires me to bust out my paints 😊

february rewards will be finished this week! sorry for the delay i admit i lost track of time because of the short month lmao. thanks for your support and patience in my first month with memberships! i appreciate y'all so much <3

wanna be a member on my ko-fi and see behind the scenes, custom posts, and even get paintings in the mail?? you can join for as little as $1!


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