favorite features, in no particular order #1

keep in mind, some of these may be well-known and others less... known??? anyway!!!!

you can drag your rulers to a different layer via the layer palette.

for example, if i wanted to keep the same line of symmetry, but be on a different layer i don't have to make a new ruler and guess where to put it.

mastodon.art/media/B3a9HFzyhJj mastodon.art/media/3NZIsN-Hsx9

favorite features #2

the color history palette remembers my past color choices in case i need an original color i accidentally painted over many steps ago.

it might seem a little useless but it has saved me and works for my personal workflow!

another use is picking out past colors to save into a color set!

you can find it via the window menu and checking off "color history"


Artboard 1 copy 3M-eyeFollow

fav clip studio paint feature #3

the quick access panel. it seems similar to the toolbar at the top which i ignore, but you can customize this palette with pretty much anything you please.

put your most used color here, a shortcut to export as png, your favorite recorded action, never right click to combine selected layers ever again, the list goes on!

you can organize it how you like. there are tabs at the top where you can group shortcuts as well as horizontal dividers.

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