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Just thought I'd put this out there:

if you're a musician under the umbrella looking for art or band posters and if my art fits your taste, I'll do one free, no questions asked.

Art on Tumblr:
Portfolio site (WIP but there's a mini slideshow):

I'm a bachelor's in w/ a design minor and I'm legally blind!

For more examples, feel free to contact me thru the form or dm.

Boosts are good!! (^^β™ͺ

Hey, everyone! I've got a small break in my regular work, so I'm opening commissions from now until the 16th!

If you're interested, please email me at: katWylderArt [at]

Heyy Mastoart fam, would anyone be interested in an icon thing like this for maybe like $10? as I was kinda assuming, my check was short, I had to call out a couple of days sick, and after bills, I didn't have as much as I would like for food. Feel free to DM me or email me: if you happened to be interested!

that one time i taught myself javascript for one second and made a shitty markov thing and a twitter bot in google sheets

tied my hair back today. quick scribble to take a break from other art~ my weakness is profile views for sure

Disgusting Commercial Self-Promotion 

Not sure if I've mentioned it here before, but I have a redbubble store with some of my pixel art.

Check it out if you want. I really like this design on clocks.

But they do have an apparel promo on right now with the code SUPER25, check their site for deets.

Please BOOST the artists :)

We love stars that's for certain, but our work get more seen when we are boosted and it give us more chances of reaching new people.

Thanks for all the boost, thanks for all the stars, having feedback is a gift from you wonderful people and I am utterly grateful πŸ’«πŸ’•πŸ’«

p.s I never felt as safe on a social media as I feel on mastodon and I thank you for that too.

HI there guys, my name is Peter and I'm new here! I'm a potter, I throw mostly tableware, some teaware (yunomis, teacups and the like) and sometimes - spheres!

So, a half of the whole order came out of the kiln yesterday, and I honestly just HAVE to show you
The picture was taken by my friend and coworker on this project:

Don't they look like candy!?

Yeah I like a good IPA:

I nternational
P honetic
A lphabet

I admittedly don't use for much.. unless it's pattern-makin bc it can't get any simpler than pressing w to make it repeat itself while drawing. πŸ’œ

also it's kind of therapeutic to doodle random shapes that turn into something awesome at the press of a single button haha.

I'm going to carry over something I did on Twitter which is block accounts that repost/steal art. Thanks for understanding.

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Ah, too many reposts. Please don't repost without source and credit, especially jp artists' work.

well, i'm thankful i'm in a place that lets me have the download speed i do at least. the customer support won't do crud about upload speeds though

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