I need a new webhost, I was going to use squarespace to avoid having to code navigation but found out it won't support what I want to do. It's a portfolio website so it shouldn't get too much traffic but I do want to host videos there and have them load quickly. What do people use these days? I am just dipping my toes into webdev for the first time since 2007 so something simple would be helpful.

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@sublingual I was using hostgator for a few projects and haven't had any issues. gandi (the domain registrar) also has hosting and they provide free email accounts with every domain you add to them too which is nice.

I'm using siteground as host with the devi builder to code with. I don't know if this helps, but I like then both. I tried to do a site on Wix but it sucks, IMHO

@sublingual are you looking for a no-code solution? If you're happy with DIY then netlify and digital ocean are both good.

But best developer experience imo is NextJS hosted by Zeit

@sublingual my partner uses one called the tools for creating pages are pretty easy to use.

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