Added the safety rail along the top of the main cable and what I assume is a light housing of some sort. Of course these are teeny tiny in the overall view.

One more render from yesterday with some detail I added to the roadway and its intersection with the tower.

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Adding some detail to the walkway/trainway of my Ben Franklin Bridge model.

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Rendered a zoom-in on the roadbed-tower connection which I worked on yesterday.

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A couple more detailed stills of the connections I made yesterday.

1. Roadway meeting the tower with Anchor sculpture.

2. Underside of the walkway showing the cable->roadway connection

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This is based on the original Bridge Line trains that were used starting from a decade after the construction of the bridge in 1926 up until the 1960s when they were released with PATCO trains, still in use.

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Rendered a view zooming in on the top of the tower. My plan is to stitch these views together into a page on my website where you can click on a certain part of the bridge to zoom in.

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@sublingual have you tried putting a real looking hdri behind it yet? that’s gotta look convincingly photoreal by now

@halcy I'm using one of the built in sky textures and since you're looking up at it the difference between that and an outdoor HDRI map is pretty subtly. Maybe I should find one with a lot of clouds though just for comparison. Mostly I am happy to keep it a little bit graphic because of the amount of detail though!

@sublingual yeah I mean, it already looks great, but I’d figure if it has just the tiniest bit of uneven lighting and slight variations in the sky it’d pass for a photo unless you go looking

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