I thought that replicating this Sevres coffeepot would be application of the texture wrapping nodes setup that I used to make my faux-greek bowl, so I started last night and got as far as making the material and one pattern.

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I'm back on my computer with a more ergonomic desk setup! For warmup I added another pattern to my Sèvres coffeepot replica.

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Last pattern is on the body, now I just need to make the lid, handle, and spout.

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As usual, here are the alpha masks for the patterns in this project. Use them wisely and with care!!

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I felt the urge to do a very HD render in Cycles to see the coffeepot and all of my mistakes. Too bad it took so long, I don't think it would be worth the GPU time and electricity to make a whole turnaround with raytracing. haha unless....

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Notes from this project:
1. The reflections in the eevee turnaround are cut off strangely because they are limited to screen space.
2. I had to invert the displacement map in eevee to get it to "look right" which may just be a failing of my perception but it's pretty hard to zoom in and check that things are going in the right direction.
3. The metal in eevee is using an HDRI trick for its reflectivity so in eevee i can do some color adjustment by changing the world shader below the floor.

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4. Making a neutral backdrop is kinda hard (I spent a lot of time playing with the warmth to get a nice contrast and I'm still not sure I nailed it)
5. The world color gradient is mysteriously different in cycles so I should make and tweak a separate world output.
6. I kind of always want to have the world brightness all the way up but it annihilates the hard shadows. Not bad in this instance but I will have to mess around with world shaders and find a way to have my cake and eat it.

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@sublingual it needs a single light source as opposed to uniform lighting I think. So that there are shadows.


I've never done 3d modeling and don't know shit about it, all I've ever done is painting, but this looks really good. That pot looks eerily real. Good job

@Catsandcatsandcats Thank you! I've been having fun with the ceramics because a lot of it is 2D, I basically wrap the pot with patterns in black and white and then replace those with two different sets of material properties. My drawing and painting skills have been hugely helpful because I already know what I want to do with color and space so I can focus on all the weird technicalities involved in bringing it into 3D.

@sublingual god, I recently got a used / warehouse return 2080 ti off ebay

have to send it back because it is not stable under load (which is I am guessing why the original buyer returned it as well) and I can absolutely not afford one new, but GOD I want one so bad. it renders so fast, and the cycles + optix denoise preview in the viewport in blender 2.9 is crazy useful.

@halcy I'm sorry to hear that! I have been running on a trusty GTX960 and Cycles is the only thing that really makes me dream about upgrading. I usually just wait until you can get the fast thing for cheap refurbished but I suspect (based on /almost/ no evidence) there are a lot of cards that have been worn out from bitcoin mining on that market now.

@sublingual yeah, I mean, I have a 1070 so like. I am well equipped. but the 2080 ti is easily 4 to 5 times quicker with optix on, and that is honestly a HUGE practical difference

@halcy Wow, I didn't realize it was that much of a difference, that would be like having a render farm in your desktop. Now I know what I would get if I inexplicably came across a large sum of money.😛 🤔

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