Anyone have experience with animation nodes for ? Thinking about trying to learn it since I want to do more procedural animation but am always lazy with python. But it's hard to know how much to get invested in an add-on when the software is updating so rapidly.

@sublingual There's no python skills required to use Animation Nodes. As for your time investment, the Everything Nodes project will eventually make Animation Nodes obsolete but not soon. The priority is precisely on the aspects that this add-on doesn't cover (mostly particles). In any case, the time you invest learning it will definitely not be wasted because the Everything Nodes project being tackled by the same guy (Jacques Lucke), you can expect it to be very similar (but better) in the end.

@ChameleonScales I mentioned python because there are things I want to do that I figure I could do with python, but I'm not really a programmer and I definitely can accomplish more with nodes-style interfaces right now. It's good to know that it's under active development before I put the time in - thanks for the info!

@ChameleonScales @sublingual I'm having an eye on the Everything Nodes project too and cant wait to get my hands on it.

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