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Here's a clip from the video game I've been working on, where you explore an island... but all is not as it seems.


Thoughts watching The Fly for the first time: 

my friend is late but this bar has fantastic reading materials (this is really really good)

I have some exciting personal news: 

Last night I got to see 78 year old Herbie Hancock, who after all these days can still bring down the house.

His main stage set, which attracted a big, young crowd and was by no means “safe”, was all the more evidence that:

-jazz never died
-jazz can be presented at the main stage of a pop festival and still work
-jazz isn’t just a nice pleasant thing they play at evenings on NPR for background music; it can still be fun, gutsy and risky

"The Border Wall", added smoke and drone-swarming animations to my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2 :D
#screenshotsaturday #showoffhour

LRT is a thread full of great art reference, thanks @sajan 🌼🌼

Here's a slightly ancient watercolor from 2015. I still sort of only actually want to draw fancy chairs

Did you know you can play chess on the Fediverse? 🐴 👑 lets you challenge people or put yourself forward to be challenged:

Moves happen by toots using chess notation, there are further instructions on the site.

It works with Mastodon and other ActivityPub-powered platforms.

#Chess #Échecs #Schach #Scacchi #Ajedrez


Gratuitous picture of me in the aforementioned garden (selfie, ec)

Nuclear architecture take 

Nuclear architecture take 

All my doodles lately have just been guys with elaborate headpieces. Maybe I just need to build a hat and get it out of my system.

First pic: my weed collection
Second: tomatoes
Third:(left to right) catnip, cucumber, and habanero

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