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I just uploaded my first tutorial to youtube detailing a workaround that to the problem of being unable to paint multiple texture maps at the same time. I don't know how useful it is but it's still pretty fun to do!


A lot of the glitchiness was solved by making sure the image was a 32 bit float and everything was uncompressed along the way. Thinking about making a tutorial for this because I couldn't find this solution on google.

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I was trying to figure out how to use texture paint mode to paint multiple PBR texture slots at once as in SP, and came up with a solution that almost works. Wondering if anyone can improve on this-

What I'm doing here is painting onto the object with an image of UV coordinates, and then plugging that that into the vector of the textures that I want tiled. Problems are pixelization and distortion which I'm not sure I can fix using brush settings or if its a limitation of the method.

@sublingual that second photo is getting tantalizingly close to the mythological 'bunk chair'

If the entire back falls off this thing instead of just detaching from the armrests that would be a good probletunity to break out my carpentry stuff and replace it with something sick

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Repairing my glider (-type rocking chair) and thinking about all the much more difficult repairs that I will probably be facing in the coming years

ok so imagine this except if i had those light up rave gloves. would be sick right?

Just upgraded Irfanview and now I can look at JPEG2000 files. I have never felt as ready for the future as I do in this moment.

A while ago Al and I watched half of an episode of a game show called "Mental Samurai" hosted by Rob Lowe, where contestants sat in a chair that was attached to a giant arm that spins them around while they answer trivia questions. So whenever I have a tough mental task in front of me, I just think "At least I'm not strapped to a giant metal arm that is spinning me around, which would make this the ultimate intellectual challenge"

Last night I started modeling the tower of the Ben Franklin suspension bridge between Philadelphia and Camden. I took detailed reference pictures for an illustration I was planning last year so it seemed like a good idea to adapt to 3D for the sake of making dense and informative cross-sections. It’s just blocking for now but I’ve already gotten into some pretty small-scale detail.

Finished sculpting and now I'm prepping the 3D print. Of course the final thing will be monochrome, so if the relief fades into the brickwork too much I might have to pull it out some more.

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TIL that the LOC charges a $5 email delivery fee for scans.

@sublingual that's "physical modeling synthesis" and a thing people do, yeah, from very simple to extremely complicated. (for example, the flute sounds in are based on physical modeling synthesis (around 0:50), which is how they fit in a 4k

Ever since I've started following MET musical instruments on twitter I've wondered about the possibility of simulating sound based on a 3D model of a brass instrument, so you could generate a series of tubes and calculate a note based on the volume (?)

This is a huge tangent from what I'm trying to do in the near future and I barely know anything about how sound works in the first place but if anyone has covered this ground before I'd be interested to know what the challanges are.

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Is it just me or is USB type B the only USB form factor that isn't flimsy and fussy and easy to break? "Like" this post if you think that every phone should be a quarter inch thicker to accommodate a more satisfying and sustainable plug.

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