Said goodbye to the old pad earlier this month. I could not have imagined a better place to live and learn over the last five years. I am very happy to say our practice outgrew the space and we have moved on to a brighter and more functional home studio.

jeans with the ankles joined are topologically identical to jeans without the ankles joined

Want to feel old? A child born in 2013 is now the same age as you

[the egg guy comes to look at your eggs, and he’s kind of a doofus] Gee, they really sent Egg Land’s Best, huh? 🙄

orbality (n)
the quality of being of or relating to orbs

callinomic (adj)
pertaining to the study of beautiful things

Hyping myself up to get on the computer and click and double click

Revisited and finished the victorian table I was working on earlier this year.

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celsitudinary (adj)
pertaining to the quality of being lofty

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