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Athens, Georgia’s local government is doing some sort of reparations for a black neighborhood that was cleared out in 1960s “urban renewal.” First reparations of any kind in Georgia in anyone’s memory, quite possibly since Reconstruction. Friends & comrades from orgs I used to organize with have been very involved in making this happen. I’m extremely proud.

Years ago in West Philly i met a couple who were working on some kind of tabletop game together. This guy's GF is like "oh yea i put all my emotions into these giant clay pots one day im going to fire them" and shows me a picture of an unfinished Philly basement, dirt floors and brick walls, filled with huge unfinished vessels. This photo looked like it could have been taken 3000 years ago.

There is no point to this story except that I want to meet more amateur ceramicists again.

Look at this thread of architects smugly avoiding learning anything about computer graphics

artist (?) stops random people on the street, hands them pen and paper, asks them to draw a bicycle

then renders what those bicycles would actually look like, if the drawings were accurate (some would even be functional?)

what they dont tell you about marriage is that your wife will use any opportunity to make fun of you for having been on a college improv team

I don't think that anybody should feel pressured to develop a video game or have an idea for a video game before calling themselves a gamedev.

Tonight's art stream is cancelled due to some irl business. Before today I streamed every Thursday evening for the past 8 weeks which is a new record for me. Here are some spring pics instead.

a double number has twice as big as normal number

that feeling of jealousy when you realize other people saw the moon

man (at the doctors): Doc I'm depressed

doctor (typing "clowns in town that can cure depression" into the search bar)

urinipotency (n)
the process, state, or quality of having command over urine

Small life update: Lately I have mostly been focused on work and clearing my basement since we are moving soon. I've been on estrogen for a little over two months now. My learning routine kinda crashed at the start of the year from focusing on blender so much last year but have been getting back into shaders+unity with the goal of making a flexible real-time version of my hatching shader. I am also hoping to post more of my writing about Teliopolis whenever I can figure out how to present it.

Maybe the real non fungible tokens were the friends we made along the way

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