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It took longer than it would have if I had planned a little better but I am now satisfied with the overall column.

Not I just need to add some inset detail and a pattern to go above the arch.

@sublingual love 2 use the typewriter that makes me melt

Sexuality-Related Discourse 

Political s-post 

read one of my favorite poems/songs out loud. wooden heart by listener.

So many mandarins! They used to be kind of apprehensive when they came back to the pond but now they fly in to see me in a flock `

Process for sketching some antique opera glasses in pencil and watercolor:
1. Geometry with construction lines
2. Refined sketch
3. Blocking out colors and establishing tone

Next up: More layers of tone and getting into the details.

re: Philosophy/art history 

Philosophy/art history 

Philosophy/art history 

Wow, youtube just recommended to me a brutal point-by-point takedown of a music theory video essay that I haven't watched.

Finally I have convinced the Al Gore Rhythm to directly feed me aesthetics discourse.

That was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who popped in. Next stream I'll have a mic so I won't need to pause to type in chat. Here's the render of what I did today. The torso looks a little worse from this angle but overall I think the shapes are much closer to i want.

Going to keep going for another hour since I'm having fun :)

Streaming is fun! I'm going to go until 2 EST. Tune in:

my wonderful and beautiful and cute and talented wife is gonna start streaming her 3D modeling work. @sublingual
check her out

I'm streaming some 3d work. I just set it up and don't have a mic but feel free to join me! ;)

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