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My website is "responsive" and "mobile friendly" now

i need to add a low quality button and a description blurb but that is i think most of the web dev out of the way, i just need to add the rest of the content

Check it out @ and let me know how severely it is busted

Making my website is an exercise in delayed gratification because I have nothing to show until I get the mobile menus working and most of my time is being spent learning what is the deal with CSS and javascript. So I cant just constantly post screenshots and look at them to remind myself that I am making progress in anything other than a conceptual way

design is when you put the golden ratio and a photo of a nautilus shell in a powerpoint

design is when you put the golden ratio and a photo of a nautilus shell in a powerpoint

@sublingual They do say “Bitcoin ATM” is the most beautiful phrase in the English language...

This place on Cactus Ave in Las Vegas is labeled as a Bitcoin ATM but it looks like its just a cellar door
Not sure whats going on with America anymore tbh

Rendered a view zooming in on the top of the tower. My plan is to stitch these views together into a page on my website where you can click on a certain part of the bridge to zoom in.

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RIP to my 100+ day duolingo Spanish streak which I allowed to lapse because it was starting to feel like too much pressure. I plan to use the extra effort to start reading Don Quixote with a notebook to improve my vocabulary.

I need a new webhost, I was going to use squarespace to avoid having to code navigation but found out it won't support what I want to do. It's a portfolio website so it shouldn't get too much traffic but I do want to host videos there and have them load quickly. What do people use these days? I am just dipping my toes into webdev for the first time since 2007 so something simple would be helpful.

This is based on the original Bridge Line trains that were used starting from a decade after the construction of the bridge in 1926 up until the 1960s when they were released with PATCO trains, still in use.

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