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Putting on a tinfoil hat is sort of like the opposite of sitting in an orgone accumulator

Shout out to dark academia for being an even more boring aesthetic than normcore

Shout out to dark academia for being an even more boring aesthetic than normcore

Art!; worldbuildy 

It's textured! Name courtesy of the lovely @fidgetcetera

I'm so happy with how this ship has turned out! I had some of the textures done last evening, but it didn't really come together till nowish =>

The lighting on the nameplates was added on a whim, and proved to be slightly more annoying to do than I'd hoped, but I think it looks great!


The Fast Attack Craft Speak No Lies is operated by an especially well supplied/funded cell of the Belter Liberation Front. Capable of holding it's own against less maneuverable but far better armed capital craft & installations in the crowded space around inhabited asteroids; the Speak No Lies and its crew proved themselves immensely capable in the fight to liberate the belt from Terran oppression!

The basic spaceframe & engines were built in the Titanian shipyards, before being shipped clandestinely to the belt for outfitting and commissioning. It features 3 double barreled high velocity kinetic turrets, as well as a small number of torpedoes

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are you feeling alright babe? You've barely started any new game dev projects

privatarium (n)
a place where private things are kept

i learned a little bitta blender!!! i am SO proud that i threw this together including recoriing the audio in one night and also that i made this all myself and ahhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHH

reposting with a different audio codec

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less "sorry for infodumping" more "You're welcome for the free infotainment"

You ever have that one spam text you just cant being yourself to opt out of?

nihilipotence (n)
the process, state, or quality of having command over nothing

I'm trying to wrap up the ceramics I started in january so I can put them down for a bit and refocus on my game. They are helpful as modeling & pattern exercises that don't require me to engage with something so deep.

Plus the next one is pretty complex so I want to save it for a special occasion - I want to do one of these German vases with a 3D render painted on it.

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