art for captain jerico sobernais, a character from , a moment from 56 seconds to sunrise

please commission me to draw your ocs seductively lounging in rose petals under candle light please

Moderate gore, body horror, underwater / drowning 

Did a thing for my campaign, for these sea monsters.

The vagueness in the feeling of muscles starved of blood made interpreting the sensations around me impossible. All I knew is that I was facing up. And… in the arms of someone. Against the night sky, the moon framed the face of Captain Anchor in silver.

am i projecting my vulnerable feelings onto my strongest, most confident, independent female character? yes. will i stop? absolutely not! : )

My computer went blackscreen for 30 seconds when I saved this as a .png : )

Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world. Full Illustration for Jake of his character Eriq, and my big monster octopus boy Hydra. 🐙

self indulgent ace rights icon for myself. use if you want

friendly reminder if you're aphobic / ace exclusionist unfollow me

The Song of the Sea character collection Part 3, Final.

Princess Coraline, General Hydra, and Shy.

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