Tried a little with a plaid darned with embroidery thread onto this extremely hole-y old wool sweater. I used a mini loom that made it so the warp threads are easy to raise or lower making the whole thing go pretty fast. I really like how it looks from the front, like a little "tag" on the sleeve I guess.

Workin on sketching faces with a *gasp* regular pencil.

Reference images are just some faces I liked from the drawme subreddit.

A free hub of resources for anyone who wants to communicate in an accessible way on social media.

Because yes, you should want to communicate in an accessible way

1/2 Made a bunch of stuff for a campaign I put together. A new player picked the Occult Herbmaster class. It comes with a portable lab with a bunch of concoctions, which is dope, but I thought might be difficult for a person new to to know what they had at their disposal at any given time. Long story short: a printed pack of potions! They're . There are 8 total so I'ma split this up into two posts.

Figuring out , getting a little better every time.

I made this looking like he's about to get a finisher in for a bud's birthday. Hope he likes it!

It's printed on some cream colored cotton paper I found at goodwill for $2??? I cannot stress how hard go when it comes to supplies.

Remember there will be a meteor shower TODAY May 30th, 2022 (peak: 1am [Tuesday] east coast, 10pm [Monday] west coast).

While nobody is sure how many meteors there will be (and It’s entirely possible that there’s nothing at all), there’s also a small chance it will be a once in a generation meteor storm event.

Observing conditions are good, it’s new Moon so it will be dark; essential for meteor showers.

If you can, at all, don’t miss this!

More but this time with recycled paper and a mold & deckle

The hand print is a so consider yourself free from the for the day


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