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Once I have time to do art, y'all better be ready

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Just a heads up to mutuals but don’t be afraid to ask for my discord! I’m usually active there most of the time.

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Howdy there! I go by Birdy or Robin and I'm a self-taught artist! I like to design characters and put sparkles ✨ on literally every piece of my art! Besides doing art, I also like playing video games and may occasionally talk about it.

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I've made a ko-fi! It's going to be mainly used as a tip jar but I have thought about doing kofi sketches in the future. I'll give a heads up if I do that though!

April screenprinted postcard!!
sign up at my patreon!! check the post for more pictures!! exclamation marks!!

Burned my finger slightly baking coffee cake like a fool :’3

Any of y'all know a good place to advertise for feral/animal commissions??? Not necessarily furry or anthro - straight up animals!

A friend of mine really really needs money so she's opening commissions for the first time and her art is HELLA GOOD, but she doesn't have much of an audience on DA >:Va

I MADE A(nother) GAME!! This time in Twine! With many thanks to @EmergencyBattle for help figuring out some Twine Things!

You can download the game to play it natively Here:

Because it's a Twine game, it plays in-browser and as such works better as a downloadable html file. Though it looks like words, download and play it - it's a game!

The game *is* horror-adjacent so don't play if you don't like spooks!

I won't be deprived of fries.

*shaking my laptop* what in the world is an init method????

We’re learning how to use phaser which is like a game helper but javascript is confusing to me lol

welcome back to: i forgot how tedious pixel art is

It's been a frustrating day but at least I got a few li'l snap tab designs created and samples made.

(Also Captain Marvel is a very good movie, go see it.)
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