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Howdy there! I go by Birdy or Robin and I'm a self-taught artist! I like to design characters and put sparkles ✨ on literally every piece of my art! Besides doing art, I also like playing video games and may occasionally talk about it.

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I've made a ko-fi! It's going to be mainly used as a tip jar but I have thought about doing kofi sketches in the future. I'll give a heads up if I do that though!

Decided to make some expression icons for Kyle from FE8 for some reason, got two done so far.

I’ll do some more soon.

Welp now I'm back in school technically so I'm not sure how much art is gonna be posted.

who remembers that cat icon maker that was really popular a while back

An art trade I did with someone :tialove:
This is way more anime then I'm used to drawing :lies_down:

Tried to replay Undertale, but I keep getting distracted because I rather want to doodle the characters.

Drawing made a while back for practice. Tried to go digital from start to finish. I still find it hard.

Not drawing recently because reasons.

#mastoart #sketches

The first autumn chill hit today and it inspired me to some gothic imagery. Definitely ended up with a Castlevania vibe here. Gouache on paper.

Only packing I did so far was just throwing clothes I would wear on the floor.

Thought I'd share what you could sort of call a process gif (sorry for the terrible quality)

Did a small challenge during a school club meeting where we merged 2 images together to create one environment

I've been reading stories and scp-1507 is a wild one lol.

ive been working off and on on stuff but art block + work is Killer. this is a doodle of my boi soren. hes a mess and i love him

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