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Just a heads up to mutuals but don’t be afraid to ask for my discord! I’m usually active there most of the time.

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Howdy there! I go by Birdy or Robin and I'm a self-taught artist! I like to design characters and put sparkles ✨ on literally every piece of my art! Besides doing art, I also like playing video games and may occasionally talk about it.

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I've made a ko-fi! It's going to be mainly used as a tip jar but I have thought about doing kofi sketches in the future. I'll give a heads up if I do that though!

Since I've been having a rough time with art, I'm trying a simpler style to keep me from throwing myself off a building. Toulouse is the first victim.

Anyway, look at this "infographic" map I had (got to) make for my graphic design class:

did a second pass on the burger and also made it A Character

at first when I saw the name, I thought it was gonna be a cute spin off and pun of "kibble" but I didn't expect THAT

One day I'll finally sit down and do an art study on something. Maybe shoes,,,

Made this sea dragon for my Patreon last week. Had lots of fun painting him XD This week there's a breakdown of how I did it for Behind The Scenes Patrons. Painting is coming more naturally, and I'm having so much fun with it :D

I bought last night and so much has happened in about 30mins of me playing. I made mouse cause why not.

All of this being said; I take Ko-Fi chibi commissions as well! :ko_fi:

They don't have a fancy sheet, but x3 Ko-fis ($9) will get you a cute lil chibi like the examples below!

Everything else above still applies; I'm happy to do couples, humanoids, etc!

So! Money is a thing that would be helpful to me in the near future!

Use code GI5Y4Y for 15% off all purchases via my INPRNT account (until March 6!).

Art prints, art cards, and phone cases of my art available at:

Enamel pin at:

#creativetoots #mastoart

She said sorry to me for not giving me Chris Pine but Mothman was a good replacement lol

Oh forgot to show this but one of my roommates gave me a one day assigned man for valentines lol Mine is on the right with Mothman while my third roommate got Chris Pine.

Some free game assets I made recently! You can download them from my itchio or my OGA whenever you feel like making games about seals battling penguins for supremacy!

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