I'm Simon or Stern, i'm a german hobby artist and engineer and I love to draw fantasy, angels, dragons, scifi and some fanart. Feel free to suggest art projects and zines!

🧑 Portfolio:
🧑 Twitter:
🧑 Weekly stream on Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2!
🧑 I mod on a German art discord, send PM to join! :>

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@sternengreif Hellooo! πŸ€— :heart_sp_pride:
I'm happy you're here now, too!

@fluffyfied I'm excited too!! thanks for reminding me of masodons awesomeness!!!

@sternengreif welcome to Mastodon!! I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in China! your illustrations are great!

@Helsic thank you so much!! and nice to meet you! :)) have you been on mastodon for long?

@sternengreif Around 2 years, but unfortunately since I live in China, I can't use the phone App, so I'm limited to use the web version only, therefore I can't be as active as I want to be v_v

@Helsic ohnoo, that sounds annoying! i havent tried the phone app yet, i find social media on phones quite stressful, but i see your point. its easier to use on the go! i hope you will get to use apps like such one day soon!

@sternengreif Whoah, your color and light/shadow compositions are amazing! 😻 (everything else, too ^__^)

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