i really wish it were easier to wade through the sea of D&D dudebros to other lgbt+ folk who want to play non-D&D systems because finding players is the most tiring part

i DM one solo RP with @mainstay already and have another one in the works and yet my brain tonight is really trying to convince me i should make another group RP

me: haha it's fun to have a silly, goofy, impulsive RP character for once
me: lets give her a horrible backstory

one of these days i'm gonna post an art post and get it all right first try

my succulent has sprouted pups again! i'm such a proud plant grandma

🎶 Flippar och vi spränger alla tak
Tänder alla spotlights som dom har
Vi har fucking maxat det från start
Allt för stora, för stora, för stora för den här stan 🎶

Harvey belongs to @staystitch, Ada belongs to @presolace and Sima is mine, and we can't not mention our amazing DM @mainstay for trying to herd us in some sort of direction 😁
They haven't technically leapt from an exploding building yet, but I expect it's just a question of time, or at the very least on brand

some character designs based on the random emoji prompt generator (byrdseed.com/emoji/)
i really want to push myself to do weirder designs!
the first was 🍩 😡
second was just a twist on the first
third was 👹 🐮

non-canon sketch with them rpg characters, I just love how Juby translated these lines in Super Hero
also I Badly Needed some "fill a large area with black with a small pen" time to destress . u . )

literally the tiniest nosebleed 

more character designs, for a solo rp between me and @staystitch! i wanted to push myself to do more weird designs.

character design for an rp that ended up falling through! i probably wouldn't have even actually played her in the end cuz i'm not sure her concept would have... worked, but i got a fun design challenge out of it!

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