rp rambles 

unfortunately/fortunately for her i'll be DMing for her soon, and this has only fuelled me

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rp rambles 

@mainstay sent me on a wild RP ride earlier today including finding a strange woman with a bloody knife in her handbag and my character's dead(?) brother showing up as a weird fake ghost

11/10 would traumatise my character again but also she left me on a horrible cliffhanger and deliberately reminded me of it before going to bed so it's 3 am and here I still am

my gf has been worldbuilding, so of course i instantly have to make characters for it ✨

Today, the umbrella you really, *really* can't use in high winds.

I added random palettes to the weird people generator, so to get me back into drawing, here's some random palette gals ✨

this toot brought to you by the many pictures of miles i need to delete

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how to take a picture of your hamster:

step one: place hamster on safe, photograph-friendly surface
step two: take a good fifty to a hundred pictures in rapid succession
step three: go through and delete the blurry pictures

congrats! you now have two pictures of your hamster

i feel like i'm coming down with something and i can't tell if it's winter illness time or because i've changed my diet recently and my body hates me

a new character of mine from a short project i'm considering, ralphie!

day 1 kind of, probably won't have time later this month and i mostly just wanted to draw traditionally anyway but why not

one of @mainstay's characters from the new solo RP i'm working on, she's so happy and i love her

i wish you could crop thumbnails better on mastodon this is the only functionality i miss from other sites

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