I had an idea for a moth on a skull where the eye markings on the moths wings overlap with the eyes of the skull. It started to evolve into it's own sort of creature design as I went.

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@stasanie I love this, it's so lovely and wild!

I'm imagining its demeanour changing with every slow blink of the moth's wings~

@stasanie love it, and I'm trying to figure out the whole lifecycle for this creature...

Hatch from egg, make cocoon, emerge as moth, find skeleton to possess, become necromancer quadruped?

@unlofl I really love the idea of the moth possessing skeletons it finds. How powerful it can become really depends on what it finds.

@stasanie oh, and they can abandon the skeleton as a defensive thing!

You might come across a whole herd of skeletons of various animals grazing, and if you startle them they all collapse as the moths fly off. Don't worry though, they're fine, they'll come back and reclaim their skeletons in an hour or two.

@stasanie Great idea and well chosen colour palette! And many details to appreciate at second glance!

@stasanie 10/10, I would travel through hours of dullness to accept a lootless side-quest from this being.

@stasanie The mischievous Reanimoth, cursed by necromancers and museum curators alike

@errant Bahaha yes, this thing would absolutely wreak havoc on a museum!

@daveshuken Thank you so much! Creating art that sparks the imagination of others really brings me joy.

@stasanie I understand that feeling. Being creative is a life force I believe, like giving birth to something.

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