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Depressive episode today, so instead of doing things I really needed to do I made:

* Rice pudding
* Chicken, rice, spinach, & red sauce casserole
* Mint iced tea
* Corn muffins and cornbread

lewd, parents, tech 

When you finally get your parents to use the Tor Browser...

...and the first site they open is PornHub.

@starbreaker They'd have to work very hard to keep us if it got implemented, which is why they don't want it implemented.

If work was a matter of securing higher quality of life, and not the basic means of survival, nobody would put up with being an abused service worker or a warehouse dogsbody.

"Adults accept as commonplace the most absurd of realities, and very often this irrationality is a manifestation of the prioritization of use-value for others. Rather than fight back against a given absurdity in the name of what we want, desire, and need, we prioritize—or, more accurately, we are put in positions where we are expected to prioritize—other people’s wants, desires, and needs (our teachers, our bosses, our customers, etc.)."

"The important point here is that oppression (defined in non-class terms) and marginalization do not provide the same kind of conditions of solidarity as do straightforwardly material conditions. You might want to murder the person who sits at the desk next to you when he repeats the worst lines from the worst comedy shows on television, but you also know in an organizing drive that his interests are also yours."

ordered a ram upgrade for my workstation. Gotta stimulate that economy, ya know

calling instance admins on their BS 


Great new policy: "Post stuff you believe in," no matter what it is.


I would in fact not be surprised if the bozo generating all these *~*Resistance*~* socks is in fact far gone enough to just do it as a hobby. Doesn't make 'em any less annoying, though.

@LeoSammallahti @starbreaker

I've been thinking of writing a blog post comparing the Find It Platform to Yelp. Because Find It is free and open source software, built between a cooperative ( @agaric ) and the City of Cambridge, co-designed with and for city residents, it serves local organizations in a truly beneficial way

as opposed to Yelp, which "serves" local businesses in a predatory way.

There are aspirations of Find It being a platform coop. I'll DM you to chat further! /cc @mlncn

@starbreaker @claudiom

This would totally benefit their bottom line.

The last remaining market they have is the underserved.

Got my new AMD Radeon card installed, and got running on via . Even got Final Fantasy VI running via .

But there's no sound. Steam doesn't seem to be talking to . Dammit.

Universal Basic #Internet? Yes, I think this IS something we need, especially now more than ever.

Will the higher-ups go for it? Of course not since it doesn't benefit their bottom line.

Sad, really.

day job 

Because I'm waiting for some paperwork to come through before I can actually start my new project at my day job, my job consists of reading PL/SQL tutorials all day.

Thing is, reading ain't gonna do me any good until I can get my hands on some actual production code.

So, I'll take a nice long break, shut down my big PC, and install a new video card. Got a MSI R7 240 with an AMD Radeon chipset and 2GB of RAM. It'll come in handy if I ever upgrade to a 4K display or do .


I don't want to wear a mask any longer. I'd rather wear a long leather coat, leather gloves, a motorcycle helmet with a visor, and a sword on my hip.

Yes, I know it would look ridiculous. I don't give a fuck.

‪We’ll talk more about it soon in a blog post, but the in-development version of has now been rebased from 2.10.12 to 2.10.18 🥳‬

‪We have also updated icon packs with some amazing work by Cristiano Vitorino.

‪If you’re a Snapcraft user, you can try it on “--edge” branch.‬

I've also gotten back into gaming. Big fan of FPS games, both old and new. Based on my avatar, you could probably figure out what my favorite FPS franchise is. 😉

I love all things FOSS, but I'm also pragmatic. While I'm all about BSD, Linux, Haiku, $foss_project, use what works for you, use what brings you joy.

I'm also blessed to be a dad to three awesome boys. I wouldn't be who I am without them in my life.

(2/3) #introduction

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** new main who dis? **

Well, I guess now that I'm on my new main instance, it's time for a new #introduction.

I'm a middle-aged, graybeard geek who loves all things tech and all things music, especially when they come together and make babies. Not only do I wonder about the bleeding edge of those two, but I get nostalgic about their days of old.


day job, databases 

Looks like I've got to learn for my day job. At least it'll be a change after 20 years of dicking around with MS SQL Server for a living.

Did a 4.4 mile bike ride today. Up from 2.4 miles yesterday.

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