I kinda wish the billionaires would hurry up and GTFO out of my star system.

Pattern that gets under my skin:

Join? [Yes! | Maybe Later.]

how about [No.] or [Never ask me again.] because it's a yes or no question and not a yes/yes question.

I find it really aggravating, especially when it's modal.

@brother Good. By all means call them out as assholes. Name them as human monsters. I'm just suggesting that suggesting they're not human makes it easy to dismiss them as aberrations. It's like the way we say white guys who shoot up schools, restaurants, etc are "mentally ill".

I think that denying bad people their humanity makes it harder to be a good person myself. That's all.

@syndikalista Just a http daemon and DNS. A static ip might help, too, but if you're on residential broadband in the US good luck getting one.

Whenever you post something online, think about FBI agents reading it, because they are. I'm seeing a lot of things on here that should be said in person in a room with no phones in it.

Stay alert.

@brother Because he's all too human, and making him "the other" is just a way to avoid looking closely into one's own darkness and recognizing one's own potential to be just as vicious a person as Gleason given similar circumstances and choices.

@starbreaker gemserv¹ is pretty easy to configure. A minimal configuration file looks like this:

port = 1965 host = "::" log = "warn" [[server]] hostname = "YOUR_HOSTNAME" dir = "/var/gemini" key = "key.pem" cert = "cert.pem"

Create a key/certificate pair (valid for 10 years) with:

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -sha256 -days 3660 -nodes \ -keyout key.pem -out cert.pem -subj '/CN=VOUR_HOSTNAME'

Put a file named index.gemini into /var/gemini/.

¹ gemini://80h.dev/projects/gemserv/ / https://git.sr.ht/~int80h/gemserv

@starbreaker If the file extension is md it will probably be announced as text/markdown by the server (gemserv does it, at least). But most (probably all) clients will simply display it as plain text.

Your anger is justified.

If your tactics get the desired results, then they're appropriate.

Anybody who tells you otherwise is your enemy.

@tastytea Thanks. That's what I thought. I guess that if I serve Markdown on a non-index page the way it renders is client-dependent.

@starbreaker It's like a very reduced markdown, only the links are different.

3 levels of headings: #, ## and ###
Unordered list: *
Link: => http://example.com/ Link text
Preformatted text: Between ```
And that's it!

An important difference is that the first character(s) of a line determine its type. You cannot have inline links, for example.

You can look at the raw text of a Gemini page like this:

echo -en 'gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/\r\n' | openssl s_client -connect gemini.circumlunar.space:1965 -quiet

@tastytea Thanks. What about syntax for gemini text? Based on the spec it looks mostly like markdown.

uspol, cops, nazis 

Don't defend violent cops by saying "they're just doing their job" or "they're just following orders".

That excuse didn't fly at Nuremberg, and it shouldn't fly today.

If you obey immoral orders, you're a scumbag.

And if you knowingly give immoral orders, you're also a scumbag.




I'm thinking of scaling back my web presence associated with my legal name.


If Jack Dorsey had a spine he would have banned Trump from Twitter back in 2016.

Personally, I have never been encouraged to do anything related to activism by the terrible blaming and condescending tone of some of the people here on the fedi. Using the second person perspective should not be allowed when you're attempting to use a strict or corrective tone in order to get people to listen to you.

Also, I am highly sensitive to people who seem to encourage the development of any kind of 'wokeness' through struggle sessions and other kinds of radical 'self-criticism'.

That is usually just bullying and the development of new hierarchies of power.

Also, if you don't know me, or don't know the person you're subtooting, you probably shouldn't be doing it.
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