Paradise Lost: "Enchantment" from Draconian Times (1995)

There's no rule to say you'll cry alone
Just find the strength to help you carry the load
Reverse the frown and let the power surge
But when alone you cannot resist the urge

Are you new to the Fediverse? Do your political sympathies lie with anarchism?

You're welcome to use this avatar and header image until you find one that suits you better.

Unless you think avatars are bullshit and would rather not have one at all but don't want to be dismissed as a default. :)

Based on work by Alexei Yakovlev at, so it's available under CC BY-SA 3.0 just like the original.

Finally got around to putting up a new bookshelf over my desk. Might need a longer plank and more brackets to make room for the cats.

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This is me in my study. My hair is still wet. I'm probably going to need a shave soon.

Linux, theming 

Got the FIFO and visualization working. Also, some Irix-style italics for the pager in the bottom right. You might have to squint, though. :)

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Linux, theming 

I think I'll stick with this color scheme for a while. :)

Wonder if I should package up my dotfiles to share...

Still working on a new version of my . Still static, it's gonna be a single-page job with all of the content available as your choice of PDF or text with markup.

The captures a screenshot and puts it in the website's assets/images directory with each run, because I thought that would be fun.

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Let's just make something clear: I'm not a or guru. I'm just a few steps above this dude.

Just testing out a screencap script that I want to use with my config. I should be able to invoke it from a FVWM function and pass it a delay value and window name to get single-window and full desktop screenshots with one script.

#!/bin/sh -e


sleep "${DELAY}"
import \
-window "${WINDOW_ID}" \
-silent \
~/pictures/screenshots/$(hostname -s)-$(date '+%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S').png

Been experimenting more with on . Everything you need to customize your environment is in the manual page, but it isn't exactly something you'd casually skim in the crapper.

For example, the GoToDesk command doesn't work the way I expected; I had to use GoToDeskAndPage to specify an absolute desktop.

Regardless, I'm mostly satisfied with my config.

If I didn't know better, I'd mistake Demon's /The Plague/ (1983) for a Blue Öyster Cult album.

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I have no idea this is legit. But if it is, then Jon Bon Jovi is trve metal.

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Right-wing Chud: "Die, liberal. You don't belong in this world."

Me: "It is not by my choice that I am afflicted with flesh. I was begotten by humans who lacked access to factual sex education and effective contraception."

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I don't write characters because I started writing years before I got diagnosed.

Instead, I write about androids who rebel against their design & intended purpose and choose to be men instead of machines, creators instead of destroyers.

art by Harvey Bunda.

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I had RAM from 3 different manufacturers in my machine before upgrading: Kingston, Hynix, and possibly Micron. I wonder if these DIMMs would be useful to somebody else.

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computers, linux, screenshots, rosetta@home 

Upgraded the old ThinkCentre tower in my home office from 8GB to 32GB, which was the most the mainboard could handle.

Wasn't doing it for games or because of Firefox, but because I noticed that BOINC often showed two to four rosetta@home tasks suspended in "waiting for memory" status.

Of course, rosetta@home seems to be running out of work, so I'm also joining World Community Grid.

food, meat 

Breakfast for me and my wife. Maybe not ideal, but tasty. And she was jonesing for hot dogs.

1/2 cup rice, 2 eggs, 4 sliced hot dogs, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon salt, spices to taste.

I'm not really into , but if you want to support music by artists and you ARE into atmospheric black metal, then give the "Eagle, Quetzal, and Condor" EP by Ixachitlan a listen.

Just dropped this off for one of my elderly neighbors. I texted them to let them know I had brought it over, then stood twelve feet from the door to wait for them to collect it.

The recent situation has changed my computing habits to an extent. Since I no longer go out for any reason other than grocery runs, I tend to use my desktop rig instead of my old ThinkPads. And since I've had trouble making caps lock act as a compose key under Window Maker, I've switched to XFCE (which also comes with Slackware if you do a full install).

Turns out Audacious is a good enough player for my purposes, though I added plugins provided by to play old iTunes music.

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