day job gripe 

I can't believe I'm explaining to a newbie at my day job how to adjust their laptop's firewall so they can run MySQL on Windows.

You'd think CS grads would come out of college knowing how how to look shit up on StackOverflow at the bare minimum.

re: day job gripe 

@starbreaker See, I would be mean and teach them how to bypass it... :P

re: day job gripe 

@TheGibson Providing tech support to newbies who have to be reminded to copy and paste error messages isn't exactly in my job description.

This is what they said:

"I installed MySQL on Windows 10, but I can't connect because I get the error."

I had to explain to them, in a voice call, how to actually get the error message, copy it, and paste it.

I want to find the guy who hired this newbie, tie him to a tree, and beat him with a broomhandle.

@starbreaker Why would they, formal education systems often forbid use of third-party knowledge bases, sometimes for good reasons. Especially on Stack Overflow, you need to know how to accurately pick the correct answer for your own issue. Not against a Stack Overflow class, that said.

@hypolite They might forbid, but I see no reason to comply, especially if you can disobey arbitrary restrictions while maintaining plausible deniability.

@hypolite @starbreaker I've had to write Java assignments on paper back in 2002-2004, couldn't check Stack Overflow even if I had wanted to. I'm not even sure it was existing at the time.

@starbreaker @hypolite I know the pain, I met a guy interviewing for a sysadmin position who didn't know what Linux was. He was A+ certified and had a bachelor's degree.

The schools just sell degrees now. If you make attendance (that's a wholy separate, rant capable, topic) they give you a degree and a couple dozen grand debt.

@starbreaker I don't even have a degree, a few years ago I was setting up a mine craft server at a computer club for kids, but using windows as the server, after finding the clients were not connecting to the server, we ( well myself and one or two of the attendees) figured out how to adjust windows firewall to allow the correct port to connect. Attendees were about 10/11 at the time.

I agree with you, how the heck is it that a CS graduate can't look something up, even a google / duckduckgo search will come up with something.

No wonder forums expect you to look things up before asking,
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