advice for newbies 

If you're new to the and have decided to follow me, please allow me to offer a bit of advice.

1. Fill out your profile.
2. Pick out an avatar that isn't an anime character. :smirk:
3. Read the "Mastodon Guide" by @noelle at <>
4. Post an introduction on the hashtag and pin it.
5. Bear in mind that this isn't :birdsite: or :facebook:.

Welcome, good luck, and have fun. I hope you find your niche here.

advice for newbies 

@starbreaker @noelle *anime avatars are ok if they're from Little Witch Academia.
Akko supports workers' rights.

advice for newbies 


This is a matter of taste. Some longtime Fediverse users mute/block anime avatars on sight for their own safety/comfort, because of bad memories of :birdsite: trash mobs.

advice for newbies 

@starbreaker Right. In all seriousness I do consider that to be an outdated practice and would honestly discourage it in the context of the fediverse, but I remember the toxicity of so called "anitwitter" from when I was on the birdsite, so I understand where the habit comes from.
And I legitimately do make some of my judgements based on what show an anime avatar is from, but that's because I'm familiar enough with anime and the fanbases to make those calls.

@starbreaker @TapiocaPearl Pleroma + Anime avatar is currently the Fediverse equivalent. Not all Pleroma users with an anime avatar are trolls, but enough that you can have a bias.
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