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If you're going to to stay safe during the current crisis, you're welcome to download or copies of my novels SILENT CLARION (2016) and WITHOUT BLOODSHED (2013) from my website.

There's no catch. Just go to my site and download. No need for an email address or a donation (but if you've got money to spare, use it to help your local community).

H just told me that she reads this story when she needs a positive pick me up.† I'd completely forgotten I'd won a contest with it.

It's called Rebuilding. It's short.

†She is biased.

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Damn, this is some good .

I think it was @djsundog who pointed out Hiromi Uehara a few months back. Glad they did.

Hawthorne High by Jordan Elizabeth

"Elizabeth transports the trappings of a classic ghost story to the tawdry dystopia of a US high school, amplifying the exclusion faced by those whose life includes—or publicly includes—other than the narrow list of socially acceptable things."

More thoughts:

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every human deserves enough food, water, shelter, health on earth.

Have you been doing any ? Have you written a book, essay, fan-fiction, article, or anything else you'd like me to read? Feel free to send it my way.

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Apparently today is . Despite being autistic, I wasn't aware of that. But I was only diagnosed last year and am still getting the hang of being .

"Essential employees" who must leave their homes to work deserve time and a half as .

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Michigan emergency orders 


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