so uuuuuhhh hi again

with getting dumber i think I'm gonna be more active over here.

What im still missing is some quality moody / accounts that fit my vibe. I've always liked that part about tumblr the most, just scrolling through some great content from all over and crafting your own blog aesthetic from it. Mine was mostly retro architecture and landscape photography, so if you know some quality accounts to follow, hit me up.

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also trying traditional techniques with pencil on tracing paper to get some smooth values in my sketches. It's a very fun process, but i guess I still have some learning to do in that regard.

wip maybe? digital stuff is hard

pleae pay no attention to all the artefacts i left in bc im lazy and tired

a page from today's lifedrawing, done in charcoal. The other pages look similar and worse, and im too lazy to photograph them :P

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Finally getting around to finishing some art. This one turned out okay but I think I need to work on my composition skills a lot more :/

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Practicing Thumnails with watercolor, was quite fun to do

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