It's been soooo long since I've painted on wood. I forgot how much fun it is! I tried a few different things with this one. I used a white ground instead of the transparent one I normally use, and I learned a ton working on this little guy.

@squidtarts This is so beautiful Squid omgg I love this! Love the vibrancy and the wood grain just adds to the charm.

@pineaura Thank you! The inks really are suuuper vibrant. I need to experiment using them on wood as the base with watercolour over top.

@squidtarts Ooooo that should be an interesting experiment if ever you get the chance

@pineaura Yeah! I did it a little on this piece. The ink sinks into the ground like a stain, and the watercolour sits on top. It creates a really interesting level of depth in person.

@squidtarts That legit sounds amazing! You could DO things with that :o

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