I've had this guy on the back burner for like a month? Two months? It's been too long. I just really wanted to paint a turtle.

I have two versions of this: one with line art and one without. I can't decide which one I like better. The whole painting process ended up being quite an adventure, and I'm considering repainting it.

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@squidtarts Yooooo I LOVE this oh my golly gawsh! Blessed turtle

Really love the colours you went with these. I quite like both versions so I feel you on trying to pick on. Sometimes you just vibe with both options, you know?

@pineaura Thank you! I'm really happy with it but also.. I want to redo it so I can make it better. 😂

It's truuue! I still can't decide if I want line art in my work in general, and pieces looking good both ways isn't helping hahah!

@squidtarts Hey, nothing wrong with wanting to have another go at it. If it's any consolation I'm doing the same thing right now with a piece of mine so I totes get it haha

Wish you all the best on your next turtle piece<3

@pineaura Thank you! Good luck with your piece, too! I can't wait to see what you create. 💜

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