Finished up all my paid work a couple days ago, so now I'm back to working on my door mural. The middle kitty will be pink, and the background will be pastel pink and yellow. I just really love pink and yellow. 💝

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@squidtarts This looks so cool! The pink is going to look really good in the middle.

@Nattosoup Thank you! I find colour mixing with acrylics really difficult, so I'm a lil nervous about starting the pink haha

@squidtarts Yooooo your murals always blow me away. I'm just so amazed that you can utilize any kind of surface to make such pretty art on. This looks solid as is but I look forward to you finishing it. It already looks ~amazing~

@pineaura Aaah thank you! I'm actually still not sure how this will turn out. The line art layer will determine everything. It might make the door panels really stand out and look weird. It's definitely a learning experience!

@arloft Thank you! Hopefully it'll be even cuter when it's done. 🤞

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