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Hi all!

I'm Squid (they/them), a Canadian artist specializing in watercolour and india ink. I paint mostly pet portraits and wildlife art in a rainbow style. I run a sticker and print shop on Etsy and love noodling new, cartoony designs. Cats and reptiles are my jam!

Here's my latest rug: Rainbow Maulkin! I had so much fun playing with this rug! It was my first try fading between colours, and I think it looks really fun. I feel like it captures Maulkin's goofy personality really well. Next up is rainbow Scuzzy cat!

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I've been getting into rug tufting lately. I bought a tufting gun and built a frame last month, and this is my second attempt at tufting. This little fox is a gift for my partner. It's 30" wide and backed with fleece (I have a lot on hand). I attached some D-rings on the back to make it a wall hanging, and I'm very pleased with how it came out! It was incredibly fun, and surprisingly relaxing, to create.

To absolutely no one's surprise, I had an absolute blast drawing kitties in clothes. So I ended up with an extra sticker design this month! The two orange tabbies are based on my kitties, Scuzzy and Sparc. (Which miiiiight be why they're the only two kitties being super sassy.)

Because there's an extra kitty design, anyone who gets physical rewards on my Patreon this month will get an extra, jumbo kitty of their choosing (unless you're an Uber, in which case you'll just get them all. :P).

This handsome little guy is Jack, the JRT. He was commissioned as a birthday surprise for his mum back in July. I played with edges a lot while painting this guy, and I'm pretty pleased with how some of the fur texture turned out.

Here's a little tree frog I used for experimenting with a limited palette and black ink. (The actual model was a lovely, deep red.) I'm not super happy with the effect of the black ink, but it was a fun little experiment.

Here's another take on one of these beautiful little turtles. I just love the red on their faces; they're so charismatic!

These bouncy little guys were so fun to draw, but they were also a ton of fun to research. I didn't know there were so many varieties of domestic goat!

Our painted sticker is a Nubian goat with ultra floppy ears!

Please remember to sign up on Patreon for the $5 tier or above any time this month if you'd like to get a jumbo or holographic version of some of these trouble makers. All of these stickers are also available directly on Etsy at the usual 2.5" size

Ginkgo's finally beat the super bug from his old home after 10 months of treatment. He's been in his big boy enclosure for a month now and no new symptoms! He's having a great time being buried 24/7.

I painted this little Scuzzy cat I think late last month? Just after the rosy maple moth painting. I really enjoyed painting a more detailed subject in this style! Plus you know I'm all about painting cats. This little guy is available as a sticker on my Etsy shop.

Something kinda different; here's the piece I painted for my husband for our 10th marriage anniversary last week. I was expecting this to be pretty quick since both characters have simple designs, but it actually took forever. I guess I'm still learning this style, and it's taking a lot more layers than I anticipated.

It's been soooo long since I've painted on wood. I forgot how much fun it is! I tried a few different things with this one. I used a white ground instead of the transparent one I normally use, and I learned a ton working on this little guy.


Here's my sticker pack for July as voted for by my Patrons on Patreon! Snake species listed in the image descriptions.

Please remember to sign up on Patreon for the $5 tier or above any time this month if you'd like to get a jumbo or holofoil version of one of these slithery friends. They're also available at the normal 2.5" size on my Etsy shop.

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This gorgeous girl is Lemon. Her person gave me a very free hand when painting her, and I have to say, I absolutely love how she turned out! A print of this painting will be displayed at Klub Khrome here in Fredericton as part of a Downtown Fredericton instillation of local artists.

Here's the final installment in the orange tabby commission series. This one came together really easily, and I really love how it feels so soft.

Here's the third of four portraits of this lovely boy. I tried to keep more pastel tones on his body so as not to overwhelm the naturally lighter, warm tones on his face. I think it turned out pretty well, though the scan really doesn't portray the oranges very nicely.

You all know how much I LOVE rosy maple moths. Besides having the absolute best colour scheme, they're also super fuzzy AND are native here in NB. Alas, they're not fans of urban areas, so I haven't encountered any in person. Some day!
This piece was a style experiment. I wanted to try painting my sticker style with watercolour and really maximize the soft look. This experiment was inspired by Vena Carr's work.

Sorry for the late post this week. We've been having a heatwave. Not great for someone who can't thermoregulate. :P
Here's the second portrait of this lovely, tabby boy! I'm especially pleased with this one. It took quite a while to get the shadows dark enough, but it was worth the struggle.

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I just found another resource for drawing pose references. It also includes a timer for quick sketches.

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This is the first of four portraits of this absolutely stunning orange tabby cat! As you can imagine, he's extremely well loved. I absolutely adored working on each piece in this little series, and I hope you all enjoy seeing them over the next few weeks.

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Got my first covid vaccine today. No one was really sure how my autoimmune diseases would react, but nothing too bad so far. Arm is a little swollen and sore, nausea, mild tiredness, dizziness, and increased thirst. Was honestly expecting to be bed bound for a week or more, but it's looking pretty good right now.

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