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Hi all!

I'm Squid (they/them), a Canadian artist specializing in watercolour and india ink. I paint mostly pet portraits and wildlife art in a rainbow style. I run a sticker and print shop on Etsy and love noodling new, cartoony designs. Cats and reptiles are my jam!

Here are our stickers for May, nudibranches/sea slugs as voted for by my patrons over on Patreon! I had soooo much fun researching nudibraches and choosing which ones to draw. I'd really love to do another set or two of these guys some time. (Eventually, when free time exists again. :P)

Please be sure to sign up on Patreon any time this month if you'd like jumbo or holofoil versions of these stickers.

Here are the first two of six dog designs for my newest watercolour style sticker pack! I'm hoping to get the other four designs done in the next couple weeks.

Here's a very snuggly Scuzzy cat clinging to my partner. He has the warmest lap.

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Quick sneak peek at my current project: Rainbow dog head sticker set! I'm taking part in a local art sale next month, and I want some new painted stickers to sell.

I've had this guy on the back burner for like a month? Two months? It's been too long. I just really wanted to paint a turtle.

I have two versions of this: one with line art and one without. I can't decide which one I like better. The whole painting process ended up being quite an adventure, and I'm considering repainting it.

Space bunny! I still have bunnies on the brain. It must be a spring thing. This was a quick painting to work out some of the rust after two weeks of not painting. I'm pleased with the dramatic, intense vibes.

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It's the springtime of vaccination and it's time to get your fashion on point for when you can see other humans again! Might I recommend a Beetle Bud?

Pink Beetle Bud acrylic pins are still available in my Etsy store! Free shipping for US residents!

Chronic illness, negative 

Really wanting to paint, but feeling too fatigued to sit up. :lies_down:

My Patrons voted for squids for this month's sticker pack! I had a ton of fun drawing these little cuties, because who doesn't love squids??

The holographic/rainbow sticker this month is a bigfin reef squid. The non-holographic version of this guy is available on Etsy, but the holo version is a Patreon exclusive.

2.5" stickers are now up on Etsy, and you can sign up on my Patreon any time this month for the 3.5" jumbo versions.

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I feel like I've been working on this forever, but it's just because I've had to take so many breaks.

The story behind this piece: I really wanted to paint my studio pink and yellow (because they're so perfect together), but bright colours in my environment will influence how I perceive colours when I'm painting. Whole walls of pink and yellow were out. So the next best thing? The door. A very deep story, I know.

Been too busy to paint this week, so here are a couple of custom stickers I designed for my friend and his sister. The lovely Luna the beagle is on the right sporting her jack-o-lantern hoodie, and the incorrigible border collie, Oscar, is on the left.

Had some more paid work, but I'm resuming work on my door mural today. I really struggle with acrylic's drying shift. With watercolour and ink, everything gets lighter. With acrylic, everything moves to mid-tone. Gotta lighten the pink cat's base layer so it reads better.

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Okay, turns out "Havana" (one of the bunny breeds) is a banned term on Etsy due to a US trade embargo. Here I thought it was an adult content filter catching my buns, but it's just politics!

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