A side effect of my tetanus shot is a fever that can last from 7-10 days and that's such bullshit

It's been a few days but I'm still here! Hopefully writing more today!

I'm still a commission away from my car payment, and I need to have money to eat until I get paid! College AU for , , or ! Fill out this form and send me your ideas. $20 for 1k and $35 for 2k!


I’m unfortunately unable to make my car payment this month, so I’m running a back to school commission sale, this time a College AU for either Bioshock or Warframe! Fill out this form and send me your ideas. $20 for 1k and $35 for 2k!


Industrial piercing done by me. Jewelry is a 14g mirror-finish internally threaded barbell by Bodycircle!

I'll be away a bit today, as I'm working on getting a piercing guest spot, but once I'm done, I'll work on Interrogation Techniques!

I ended up playing Warframe all night with the wife as she helped me grind for my amps and basically carried me through eidolon fights so no more writing happened

I was once told by a librarian, when I was a kid hanging out in libraries because no one but librarians would talk to the weird, bookish, autistic girl, "Librarians are intellectuals who find the value in all knowledge and want to make it accessible to everyone."

Can I just say I love the Warframe fandom so much

Thank you for healing the damage other fandoms have done to me

Once I'm done with The Sacrifice, I'm gonna post the next chapter of Interrogation Techniques! Stay tuned

I keep seeing posts about Sigma, thinking they're referring to the Minerva's Den DLC from Bioshock 2, but they're apparently referring to an Overwatch character.


How many Overwatches are there now??????

lrt I don't have an official website outside of ao3 or an icon that isn't Rosalind Lutece so I guess I'll wait lmao

Hey y'all- a little while ago I did a poll on if people would be interested in joining a webring for adult artists. Since the responses were overwhelmingly positive, I've gone and made a submission form for everyone who might be interested! form.jotform.com/9222574193816

This'll be open until Aug 31st, and I'll be emailing everyone as to their status by Sept 30th at the latest! \o/

( #mastoart #art #nsfw #webring )

β€œCephalon Simaris!”

I didn’t usually dare address him in this way, of course...But these were dire times. If he was selling my Warframe to Tenno with violent tendencies, something had to be done--and I had to find her current user.

i completed last night for @CarlCravens ! this be their / in !

want a of your own ? are still open! proceeds currently go to help @spookysusie with food, bills, and birthday funds!

see here for more info! mastodon.art/@vampyric/1025743

hey all, update! i am now taking through commiss.io!

all proceeds currently go to help @spookysusie with food, bills, and birthday funds!

you can order a slot under my profile, here!

Does anyone else feel lesser for spending time on fanfiction instead of original work? Honestly, with my Lutecest work, I'm fleshing out my NaNoWriMo, which WILL be original, but STILL.

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