For , I'll be taking Inktober prompts as writing prompts for $20 for 1k/$35 for 2k commissions! I'll be writing ships for and !

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Donate to my wife and my education:

Day One: The Funeral, a ()

Description: Robert uses their death as an opportunity. Fluffy oneshot for Inktober for the prompt Ring.

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[Early Release] Day Two: Silly, an Fanfiction

Description: Clarice worries about her mad mistress. Amnesia Justine/Clarice oneshot for Inktober Day Two: .

Up for early release on Patreon for $1!

I'm Susie, a , piercer, and mortuary student! I love , , and πŸ’€

In October, I'll be writing for Inktober (released early for Patrons), writing weekly Patron-voted horror oneshots, and hosting movie nights!

Spooky Sunday: The Teacher

Description: Isabel is anxious for her first day of fifth grade, and she thinks something is wrong with the school's new teacher...Spooky Sunday horror oneshot prompt from Patreon (

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I suck and this is super late, but here's my first draft for The Teacher, part of my monthly prompts for Patrons!

Description: Isabel discovers, on the first day of fifth grade, that her new teacher isn't human.

Got my Spooky Sunday prompt up! Every month, I write a short scary story voted by $5 patrons!

Results will be written for my $5+ tiers next Sunday (9/15), posted for $1 on 9/22, and made public on 9/29!

The Package: a

After a particularly stressful day, Dr. Sofia Lamb receives a package not addressed to her, but the biology professor, Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum. Bioshock College AU Commission. Smut to come!

this got approved this morning, so i'm posting it now! c:
another art payment to a toyhouse user in exchange for a design!
the oc was so cute and fun to draw! <3

Subservience: A featuring , , and !

Due to my recent job loss and how popular this fic is, I decided to put this up as a pay-per-chapter! For every $15 donated to the work, I will write another chapter!

Read so far:


Spooky Sunday: Poolboy

After drowning at a summer camp, a deceased boy tries to help the fellow dead...with dire consequences.

Part of a monthly "Spooky Sunday" prompt I do on Patreon:


My birthday is tomorrow! My plan is to see Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, make a spooky cake, and take myself shopping Value Village (I can use 20% off on my birthday and they have spooky stuff!)

If you want to make this possible, here is my paypal:

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