🎊 giveaway time! 🎊

i am so grateful for all of the love from everyone this past year, and it seemed fitting that the prizes for my last giveaway of 2019 should include a little bit of everything πŸ–€

one grand prize winner will receive one of each physical item i have made this year, and three bonus prize winners will receive all of the bonus items i made this year.

boost to enter, winners will be drawn at random sometime before midnight on new year's eve

good luck! πŸ€

i will be boosting all of my posts with these pieces featured in them because i was maybe too lazy to include them on this graphic hee hee oops!

today is the last full day to enter this! i will be drawing the winners tomorrow and announcing them sometime before midnight est πŸ–€

posting this a little later than planned but that's okay!!!! this is a good post to have as my first post for 2020 🎊

thank you to everyone who entered, and congrats to:

✨ @extinct ✨
✨ @skrlet13 ✨
✨ @babbage ✨
✨ @weapxnfriend ✨

please dm or email within 3 days to claim your prize!

happy new year! πŸ–€

@spookyfanny Oooh, thank you so much! DMing in a moment! :>

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