eyes, eye contact 

(Inspired by Jamie Green) I wanted to play around with textures as it's something I've never really done before and I'd like to incorporate it into my art more 😊

So these are all the characters that I remind my followers of on Instagram... Lots of happy young characters πŸ˜†

The last two illustrations I added a background to! I feel like they go well together as Buttercup and Toph are both grumpy ass kickers πŸ˜†

I continued to add backgrounds to those illustrations I made not long ago but I'm starting to get fed up with drawing them (and I feel like it's noticable haha...) so the next few will just have a white background 😁

I made a video recently talking about a comic project that's very important to me!! :) It's about giving a space to vegans who basically aren't white, able-bodied, rich/ middle class, or neurotypical. It's here if ya wanna have a lookie

lol just realised this!! I basically drew Velma's hair the same way I drew my hair last year!! Im not surprised people said I reminded them of her haha

Velma from scooby doo!! Not long ago on IG I did the "who do I remind you of" meme and one person said Velma hahaha. I'll post the other illustrations in the next few days when I can be bothered to draw them a background πŸ˜†

tryin something out... Its just hard to come up with something that isnt just *blank background* lol

Wanted to share a bunch of Ko-fi commissions that I finished in the last month :D If you'd like one for yourself, you can buy me a Ko-fi for Β£5! link is in my bio!

drawn nudity (life drawing) 

Had a bit of a slow month but I'm back now!! For the whole month of April I've tried to do a bit of life drawing studies every day, it was really nice to have this as a little warm up before drawing illustrations or other stuff! :da_bounce: Here's some of it!

I recently got my order of stickers from @raptorkiidart and wanted to share!! Look at them!!! So pretty and shiny!! Thank you so much :da_bounce:

I had to reset my computer and forgot my password to this account so I was absent for a while on here sorry!! Here's a lil animation I finished recently as a comeback apology haha (repost fto add image description!)

Little details from my recent illustration you might not have noticed... (im proud of it ok let me indulge)

thank you @Mirima for the idea 😊
I'd be lying if I said i didn't spend a good 15 minutes trying to think of a wish...
had to repost again im not used to adding hashtags lmao

Finally finished the Illustration!! πŸ˜† Not long ago I didn't even have the ability to finish an illustration, perfectionism was stopping me from even attempting it. I'm glad I overcame the fear :)

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