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I guess I should re-make my pinned? hello! I'm new to this and I make illustrations and comics :)

πŸ“ Strawberry Thief πŸ“
(based on a print design by William Morris)

Hi everyone, it's August.
I am from Taiwan and I am studying English and looking for a job (commission?)
I used to stay in Art Alley, but the management here is more active so it is very attractive.
I often draw anime and pixel!

If my English is strange, please teach me! I still mostly use Google Translate.

Decided to do @/olivehide's DTIYS on Insta :] thats his character Lee and he is a half-fish tax accountant 🐟

the OG post:

I recently got my order of stickers from @raptorkiidart and wanted to share!! Look at them!!! So pretty and shiny!! Thank you so much :da_bounce:

Looking to do some personal commissions, please boost!
£75✨ Pieces, like these, with backgrounds
£50✨ figures w/o backgrounds
£35✨ busts w/o backgrounds
🌱info/terms & conditions here:
Will add CW'd examples below, but theres lots on my feed/the insta linked in my profile

On this week's page of Bicycle Boy, smouldering embers, and hard choices.

I had to reset my computer and forgot my password to this account so I was absent for a while on here sorry!! Here's a lil animation I finished recently as a comeback apology haha (repost fto add image description!)

Balloon shorts ✨ I used to draw them a lot back in the days. Who else had an obsession with loosely circus inspired ocs?

Anyone know of any instances that are specifically for vegans?

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