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Day 13: Failure
Everyone was trying their hardest to activate the crystal wand, but every attempt ended in failure.

Just then a neighbor ran up to tell everyone the news that Princess Grey was attacking the village with a new monster that she was growing in the nearby mountains.
Wasting no time, the girls immediately instructed the villagers to evacuate while they would hold off the monster.

Upon arriving at the mountain, they encountered the giant deathweed plant quickly taking over.

Day 12: Secret
After defeating Princess Grey's goons, the group wandered to a desert village to see if they could find any leads.
They ran into Maxwell, who as luck would have it, his mother owned a very powerful crystal wand.They interviewed Maxwell's mother to get more information, and she was happy to explain things.
She told them that the wand had been passed down in the family for generations, each time given to the first-born daughter. However, she was not able to cast spells with it.

How does magic work in Lottie's world? A little bit of world-building.

Day 11: Monster
With a new team member in tow, the girls exited the hole with determination to defeat Princess Grey. However, what they weren't expecting, was to actually see her waiting for them, and with an army of monsters waiting to attack.

Day 10: Grave
Lottie and Nep followed the source of the magical signal through the bog all the way until they arrived into a large empty field. They stopped in the middle when they realized that the signal, was now directly below them.

Day 9: Mystery
Lottie and Nep needed to move quickly, knowing that their only hope was to gather the remaining wands as quickly as possible. They felt that the most pressing issue would be replacing the two wands that were destroyed.

Day 8: Ice
Lottie arrived at Nep's cabin to find the ice cream golem hunkered down in the basement. Apparently after the wand fell from the sky, other sinister noises followed. Lottie went out to investigate, when suddenly... A scout of the dreaded Princess Grey leapt out of the fog and attacked! Lottie tried to defend herself, but her water based spells were not very effective in extreme cold. During the battle, a voice emanated from the lone scout unit.

Day 7: Journey
Lottie ascends the mountain towards Nep's cabin uncertain of what awaits her. While climbing, she hears noises. Is something following her?

Day 6: Friend
Before Lottie can set out on her adventure, she receives a phone call from her college friend Nep. Lottie explains the weird things that have been happening, but Nep says that she's seen these things too! Wands falling out of the sky, celestial voices, and more... If Nep is seeing the same things, then the first place she needs to go is clear. Lottie sets out, prepared for cold weather.

Day 5: Home
Working two jobs, a 450 sq foot apartment with rent going up every month, and now a responsibility to save the world. Home cannot provide an escape from the looming threat that has awakened, and now lurks in every shadow. Her thoughts turn to her young students. If she does nothing, their safety would be at risk. She makes the difficult decision to cancel her classes for the next two weeks and set out on a quest. But before anything, she thought to reach out to a friend.

Day 4: Work
Lottie works in her local rec center as a swim teacher in the morning and early afternoon, and in the mid afternoon she teaches ballet. But her mind is not on her work today. She is too preoccupied with the events that occurred last night.

Day 3: Test
After taking the wand, the voice calling out becomes clear. A moon goddess tells Lottie that the wand she holds was going to be used along with six others to stop an unspeakable evil. Unfortunately this evil thwarted the moon goddess and destroyed two of the other wands. Lottie tests her wand’s power, but comes to the realization that the responsibility of stopping this mysterious force of evil now falls on her shoulders.

Day 2: Found
With the rain coming down harder and harder, Lottie doesn’t see an oil slick on the road. She loses control and slips into a mud bank and cannot reverse out. While waiting for a tow truck, she notices something calling her from the woods.

Drawtober Day 1: Intro
Lottie Hernandez drives home from work one afternoon. Little does she know that literal and figurative storm clouds are brewing over the horizon.

I bought Clip Studio Pro yesterday, and decided to test it out by drawing Aisling. I’ve also been thinking about developing this character and expanding her universe.

I made this dragon character named Dante for my 3D animation class this past semester.

Behold my new son. Courtesy of my school’s white elephant gift exchange.

I was asked to create a model sheet for one of my characters as an assignment. This is Puck, and he might seem familiar if you saw my most recent illustration.

This is Scott the ghost fox and his friends, Leanne the banshee, and Puck the pooka. Scott met an unexpected end one autumn night and now he's on a mission to find who's responsible. But he and his friends aren't the only ghosts in town. The dead have been rising from their graves, and the biggest paranormal research group doesn't seem to be able to handle it. Something unearthly is going on in Scott's little town, but could possibly have something to do with Scott's untimely demise?

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