Day 29: Preparations
As the girls battled Princess Grey, it was becoming obvious that no amount of preparations could have readied them for this fight. Grey's health could be whittled down, but she could recover just as easily.
As the fight dragged on, it was becoming more apparent that they wouldn't last much longer.
"Hey guys..." Lottie said exhaustedly "I just want you to know, that no matter what happens, I'm glad I got to know all of you."
Everyone else shared the sentiment.

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Delores added: "Apart from the whole death thing, I wouldn't change a thing about this."
Nep added: "You guys are my best friends."

Suddenly, everyone's wands began to react to their feelings of friendship and unity, and their magic seemed to combine.
"What manner of magic is this?" Princess Grey bellowed

The combination of magic from everyone's wands opened a small tear in space and time. Lottie instinctively reached inside, and pulled out THE QUANTUM WAND.

It only had one spell, "entangle." Lottie casted it toward Princess Grey, and things began to become strange.

"What was that? What have you done to me?" Princess Grey demanded
Claire thought for a second, and eventually recognized the phenomenon she saw.
"Guys!" Claire exclaimed "She's become quantumly entangled!"
"What does that mean?" Ingrid asked

"It means that every instance of Princess Grey has been linked on a quantum level! If we destroy her here..."
"We destroy her everywhere in the universe?" Lottie added
"Exactly!" Claire confirmed
"Well then..." Lottie said "This just became a fair fight."
"A fair fight?" Grey interjected sounding offended "I've been holding back, if you want a REAL fair fight, you'll fight me at FULL POWER!"

The girls responded with an enthusiastic:
"Bring it on!"

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