Day 28: Teamwork
With a new resolve, the team forged ahead, into the grand palace that Princess Grey constructed for herself. As they approached the entrance façade, the dark fog parted, as if they were being invited inside.
The inside was strange, completely colorless, and filled with geometric patterns. Once everyone was inside, the fog filled in behind them, just before the entrance closed itself.

No going back now.

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The hallway they were in led to a large empty room.
Princess Grey materialized from the darkness.
"You dare command me?" She said
"We do. If you want to take our planet, you're going to have to fight all of us to get it."
Princess Grey scoffed at Lottie's confidence.
"Do you think you're the first to say that to me?" Grey said coldly
Everyone looked at each other for a moment, but their resolve did not break.

"Very well then." Princess Grey relented "If you want a pointless fight, just to be crushed beneath me, so be it."
She then summoned a powerful energy from the walls surrounding her and said:

"Prepare to die."

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