Day 27: Boost
"What now?" Everyone wondered.
They had enough wands to defeat Princess Grey, but no idea how they were supposed to beat her. What's worse is that they weren't sure if any possibility of victory would be permanent.
"If we defeat her, she's just going to come back again." Nep said
"She probably has destroyed millions of other planets before ours." Claire responded
"Hard to believe this is how the world ends." Maxine added


Delores stood there silently, reflecting on choices and sacrifices she made, wondering if things could be different.

Lottie's mind was on her students, children she had worked with, teaching them how to dance, and teaching them not to be afraid of water.
She wondered where they were now, if they were afraid, if they could see the dark clouds from their homes.
After a good while, Lottie broke the silence by saying:
"I'm going to fight her."
"Why?" Ingrid asked "We have no way of beating her!"

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"I've been thinking about my students. I would do anything to protect them. If Princess Grey is going to destroy our world, then I want this world to be the most difficult one she's ever gone up against!"
With morale boosted, everyone agreed. They would fight Princess Grey.

One last time.

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