Day 26: Therapy
The group ran through the square of the town looking for Sunny's father. Eventually, they found him completely petrified in stone, holding out his willstone, as if trying to ward off an oncoming force.
"FATHER!" Sunny screamed and ran over to him "What happened to you?"
Just then a sinister laugh began to come out of the surrounding fog.
"As much as I hate this planet, I have to admit that it has imparted some kernels of wisdom to me.
'Bigger isn't always better' as they say."

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"This is YOUR doing isn't it?" Sunny yelled as Princess Grey materialized from the mist.
"My best work yet. A virus that encases parasites in stone. I specifically made it to keep them alive for now, so that they can witness every moment of this world's destruction."
"You MONSTER! We'll never let you get away with this!" Lottie shouted
"I AM NOT THE MONSTER HERE!" Princess Grey snapped back "You are the monsters, spoiling this universe, which is MY birthright, with your very existence!"

"I defeated you before, and together, we'll defeat you again!" Delores yelled
Princess Grey shifted her tone and calmly said: "Probably, but it won't matter."
"What do you mean by that?" asked Maxine
"I'm not a singular entity, I am a collective, I am a swarm. You can destroy one of me, I have no doubt about that. But I can make more of me, more of my underlings, and I doubt you can fight forever. I on the other hand, can."

As she finished speaking, she raised her arms to summon a dark mist that turned whatever it touched into rock.
"Dad? Can you hear me?" Sunny asked her father with urgency "I'm going to fix this, I'm going to make you better! I don't know how yet, but I'll figure something out!"
"Sunny! We gotta run!" Lottie interrupted.
Everyone began to run towards the entrance of the village, with the fog advancing quickly, Ingrid whipped up a shield spell to keep it away just long enough for them to escape.

They escaped just as the fog reached the edge of the oasis.
"I'm going to need a lot of therapy after all this." Claire said.

As they looked back to the oasis, they saw only stone.

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