Day 23: Tank
"This is terrible!" Ingrid lamented "Unless I can get this wand working, that worm is going to get people killed!"
She quickly ran back into her store to find her wand.
"If only I could figure out how to make this thing work! But I can't decide between baking and art!
Why can't I just choose both?"
As soon as she said this, the wand began to glow.

The wand glowed brightly and began to split. The light subsided to reveal two wands resembling a paintbrush and a lollipop. She grabbed both wands and ran outside to assist.
Once out in the street, she immediately sighted the worm, dashing around a few buildings down.
"HEY WORM!" Ingrid yelled "How about taking me on?"
As she shouted, she combined the two wands into a staff, and casted a shield spell.


The worm charged towards her and tried to break through her shield. This gave everyone else the opportunity to regroup. With the worm distracted, Claire was able to spot a weak point on the back of its head, and with a well placed bolt of electricity, was able to bring it down.

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