Day 19: Choice
The search was on for the next wand, and a new energy signal led the group to a bakery/portrait painting studio.
"Interesting business combination..." Nep said
"I've triangulated the source of the magic to this shop!" Claire exclaimed "Lets's investigate!"


Inside, they met Ingrid, the shop owner who welcomed them, and asked if they were in need of baked goods or paintings.
"Actually, have you seen any magic stuff lately?" Lottie asked
"Do you have jelly donuts?" Maxine asked
"Are you single?" Delores asked
"To answer your questions..." Ingrid replied "Raspberry or Strawberry jelly? Two, I have a husband, and as for magic stuff, I did come across something weird lately."

She then opened the door to the back and beckoned the group to follow.

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In the back room, behind the bread flour and titanium white, was a wand tied to the surface of a large table. It appeared to be on the verge of transmogrifying itself.
"What is it doing?" Lottie asked
"I have no idea, I found it a while back, but a few days ago, it started doing this." Ingrid replied
Claire stepped in to take a closer look

"It looks like something is stopping this wand from taking on it's next form." Claire explained
"Based on my data, wands take on a form that reflects their user. However this wand must be having trouble figuring you out. This warrants further investigation!"

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