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some stuff i doodled between commissions: carol and her fursona
jk it's my girls carol and fenris πŸ‘€

some redesigns for mine and @Mouei 's hero ocs' helmets! they can display emoticons and its overall very tech-y and shit πŸ‘€

forgot to mention this but you can watch the process of this drawing here!

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Dokgo Jiwoon - Korean rapper 🐢
this kiddo was basically a character for a group a long time ago that was supposed to also be a persona in a way so, in that new way, dok is very close to me. A big boy supreme that has quite a lot to do with dogs and food zzzz
γ€Šnov 2015/may+ 2016》

another old piece but its one i'm still proud of! Scott Pilgrim parody featuring my girl Reiko and @Mouei 's girl (left) Dru! πŸ‘€

(the speedpaint to this is also on my youtube πŸ‘)

some old but gold sketches
(someone went and pissed off the dogs πŸ˜”)

some cute gfs dressed as greasers!

Valen (left) belongs to me & Pixie (right) belongs to @Mouei

howdy girls πŸ’‹

sorry theres only one pic of blake even though all my wip files of her are sitting around in the computer
γ€Šaug 2017》

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