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Hellooo it's time, just heard about Mastodon and it seems pretty rad so far. I'm an amateur illustrator and comic artist. I draw things and tell stories.

I make the comic Now Hiring :

I'm p happy with how this panel turned out. :') I don't like drawing cars.

I made a money clip out of an old pencil tin I wasn't using. Never done anything like this before. I don't have to carry a purse or a wallet now so that's fantastic.

I drew a bunch of hands from life Tuesday night. I was with a group of friends and they didn't notice my drawing of their hands until the end yay. Anyway, is good and fun. I'm trying to make hands fun instead of pain.

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I make maps, I'm kind of a cartography nerd. This is a map for the fictional city of Tortoise Hill in my webcomic, Now Hiring.

I do make maps for commission, if you're interested. Let me know :D

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If you use software to produce visual work (you do), please read this important piece:

Woooo! I finished the illustration poster I've been picking at the last couple days. This is the first thing in a while I've drawn that I've really been happy with. It's a pseuo-tv-type poster for my webcomic, Now Hiring. :')

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Pinup of Zafim

First time I ever did a clean pinup I guess! I might try to do Drasil next or something!

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I was talking with a pal that's down on their work. It was classic impostor syndrome and I suffer from it too.

The only people with blind faith and utmost confidence in their abilities are crazy or dumb. Just say fuck it and make stuff regardless.

You WANT your taste to outstrip your abilities. That's what's gonna motivate you to get better.

The fact you see things you don't like means you have a good eye and standards. That's a good thing! Just...

...note it, move on, and hope to apply any lessons learned to the next piece.

Look at it this way -- are you gonna fucking quit? No. So, if you aren't gonna quit, the faster you let that go the better. It's just fuel.

And I'm in no way perfect about this. I'm just telling you the things I tell myself to work through it.

One of the greatest things about art as vocation is that the skill ceiling is so high.

My taste CONSTANTLY outstrips my ability and I rush to catch up. Over. And over. And over again.

I hope I'm still learning as long as I'm breathing.

Hey hey Mastodon, I'm looking for webcomics to binge, I really like alternate worlds and well built settings.

:D tell me about your stories, I want to read them.

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"The goal of the Creators for Creators grant is to support original comics work from new creators. Applicants must either be a single creator or a writer-artist duo with joint ownership of the submitted work."

of an illustration I'm working on for my webcomic Now Hiring. I'm trying to get used to my new tablet, it's the first screentab I've had.

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