You can now post your pics from gimp.

I ported like 80% of my krita plugin to . it's alpha but does the job.

single py file you just install in ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins on
(make plugin executable)

not macOS compatible. Windows untested atm



I'm trying it on Windows 7...

Don't like the popup to tell me to create an account, that doesn't have an OK button.

I assume that after I enter the Mastodon Server URL and press authorize I would get a dialog asking for username/password? Because it seems to hang at that point.

Artboard 1 copy 3M-eyeFollow


np I'll add the ok button back.

after clicking authorize python should open a web browser. sometimes it opens a tab. on rare occasion no browser is launched...

I'll run it on Windows later today. I hope I can see those print statements if I run gimp from the command line (they should be only a few bytes. < 1KB )

Thank you for looking into. I'll let you kmow what i find/fix

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