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Glam: A script for Firefox and Chrome that lets you apply filters, stickers to your pics. Adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation of your pics and more. No third party app required; just your browser.

It's free, uses MIT license (Open Source).


Create your own stickers (or import someone elses). just tar a bunch of png files. For details check out:

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hey as much as i know twitter as a human experience sucks huge ass i made this tweet in reference to their plans to largely remove png support and render the platform a whole lot less friendly to artists lmao

Now that mastodon has endorsements can we create a web of trust 😁😉


I thought I heard somewhere locking your account defaults your status privacy to followers-only.

Not the case.

Though it kinda makes sense if it did...

Wonder if it would help if hosted an instance of pinafore (e.g. 🤔

So that newcomers can more easily choose between the two interfaces.

thoughts mastonauts

CC @Gargron

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I've created a #userstyle for Mastodon (and works with #Humblr) to make columns a bit #wider and shows full images/thumbnails rather than the fixed cropped #thumbnails you get by default.

Install the #Stylus extension in #Chrome ( and then install my User Style from here:

#mastodon #css #style

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As @Gargron pointed out: Debian has joined Mastodon.

I would love to see more FOSS projects use Mastodon or other FOSS mediums. boost if you agree.

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Good day and happy Friday/Saturday.

I'm going to be posting my science Q&A speed clips in just a bit. I hope y'all don't mind. stay tuned.

ps I'll be spacing them so no worries.

Can anyone recommend any nice twitter/mastodon cross posters out there please.

Good day @Curator 🙌 I have a question: I understand the need for muting other people's toot...but why permit muting on ones own toot...?

CCing @Gargron so to speak.

Question: In twitter is it possible to disable comments per post?

Is it possible to go beyond mute and disable comments per post here?

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oh-so-shiny: Amazing merman sculpture by artist Cameron Stalheim (photos are from his site and belong to him, not me). Media is Plastic, Foam, Steel, & Acrylic. If the merman looks familiar to you, it’s because the artist created the mold from the gorgeous gay porn star/artist Colby Keller. Freakin’ gorgeous!!

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Hi. I'm Verdi. I’m a product designer at Mozilla where I work on Firefox.

I’ve had a ton of past lives including: nuclear sub engineer, performance/video/theater artist, high school media teacher, and professional machinima director.

I was also part of the small group of people making vlogging happen before YouTube was around.

Two years ago I got it in my head that I wanted to make games. Well, not real game games. More like art/vlog/performance/game mashups. Wish me luck.

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Mastodon as a Sidebar (Firefox add-on) by @soapdog is really neat! Just tried it out today and it works surprisingly well. Uses Pinafore under the hood, so you can log in to multiple instances. Pressing Shift-Alt-M will close or open it. Cool use case!

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If you don't like the narrow columns on Mastodon's web UI, you can change them with custom CSS! Show more

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Yes, a Tumblr importer *is* pretty simple with the existing integration.

Got posts pulled in, HTML converted to Markdown, tags and dates parsed, all compiled into text. Now just need to add them to the database and create a little importer UI.

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New avatar picture!

This one is a commission done by @Jaymajaym !

I love it :D

If you want to commission them, you can find their details here

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