Now that mastodon has endorsements can we create a web of trust 馃榿馃槈


As @Gargron pointed out: Debian has joined Mastodon.

I would love to see more FOSS projects use Mastodon or other FOSS mediums. boost if you agree.

Is the Tumblr move deep inside Tumblr looking to get sold off?

I'm amazed how hard it is to find a bona fide Linux (GNU/Linux not Android) tablet. Can't wait for the Librem 11 to come out 馃槂

Dear admins I have introduced an issue in the official Mastodon GitHub titled: Introduce a plugin/extension/module system.

It's issue #7717:

tldr make it easier to alter Mastodon with modules.

Please take a look if you're interested or share with other admins.

@Gargron @Curator @maffsie @Sir_Boops @j

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I'll he honest, I took me by suprise that on a official Mickey Mouse Short we'll see Mickey Mouse wearing a thong XD

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