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These are for Lilith, Winter, Starcunning, Molly Merula, Calleo, ImperialDominance, Mother Meme (2), Kassandra, Rabiezcore, and Rakish-Heiress! ✨ |

I've finally finished this piece! It's my first and favourite daemon hunter, whom I have a super hard time drawing but I really like how he turned out here πŸ˜„ ✨ |

I remembered about felblood elves and uh.....this happened. (He's not actually a "felblood" he's just stupid)

And since I was stupid lucky with the transmog drop that evening I guess that's just how he looks now.✨ |

I wanted a little reason for Basil's new outfit in-game and since a lot of Venthyr NPCs have a line about you seeing their tailor I figured that was a good a reason as any!

Also in regards to Basil's nervousness towards this gift, she is extremely reluctant to get new clothes and very much prefers to wear the same style and fit forever. She needed a little treat like this.

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It took me a long time but I finally made a paladin that I like. He's not religious with the Holy Light or anything, he just uses it for power to crush enemies underfoot. Also channelling every sad/angry white-haired anime protagonist.

Celystra is his daughter and they're each the only family they have. Velaris would do anything for her.
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