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This month’s rewards are all finished! Check them out!

And if you’d like portraits or sketches like these every month, do check my Patreon out as I have B&W and full-body sketch tiers available :)

✨Check them out a week early at my !

Two animagi, (Calleo's) Calleo and my Lazarus, having a literal screaming contest just for fun and driving Calleo's goblin friend off-screen up the walls most likely ✨ |

I wanted to do something simple and ended up with this badges. I really like them! Lazarus my animagus and magizoologist, and Vasiliy my herbologist ✨ |

A version of Yuned’rar for my personal project!!Arakhraiin the Sabriyahi dialect of Standard Elven means "child of the spider”.

Former thrall of cult, he’s a fairly powerful sorceror of blood and illusion magicks. |

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