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I'll be doing sketches today for Patreon rewards! Not sure if I'll stream the full two hours as I've had a busy day, but we'll see!

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Tonight I'll be working on a commission sketch and then line-art on another commission! Both are Star Wars-themed :)

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Tonight I'm working on a commissioned piece! Also, I'm going to be streaming on Fridays instead of Saturdays!!

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lets start with an intro/art post to kick things off!!

Im a 25 yo NB artist living in Los Angeles looking to work in preproduction and illustration.

Below is a commission for a friend, of their character Anže in a CoS campaign!

Small sketch commission for a private client. Second time drawing this character and it’s been fun seeing his changes :) ✨

I'll be doing some chill sketching tonight, most likely of some of my druids :)

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💪 Ginny showing off to her girlfriend Luna, who can’t believe how lucky she is to date such a doofus <3
Decided to paint a sketch I did some months ago.

#mastoart #creativetoots #HarryPotter #linny #GinnyxLuna #LunaLovegood #GinnyWeasley

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