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Finished commission for lekkulicious and darmstadtiumelemental @ tumblr! This was an absolute blast to do :)

Twin sisters Casey and Riley at a junkyard on Onderron look towards an old starship with differing feelings while in the background their future starship, the Crimson Drexl, soars into the skies, taking them off to a new life |

in the near future I'd like to start offering single character sketch commissions somewhat like this for $25. thoughts? I've never done this before /:

For the faction swap prompt!

In this version, Yuned'rar would have been found by Jedi earlier in his life -- after he was orphaned but before the Hutt's palace -- and taken to Tython. No forced Sith tattoos, no mental torture. Just a happy and relatively calm Twi'lek.

That said, he's in a very good place currently in canon as well, and he wouldn't trade it for anything. |

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