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I'll be stopping my scheduled weekly streams and going back to spontaneous ones. I gave the schedule a shot and did it for about four months but it's actually become a little stressful for me -- not anyone's fault!! I appreciate everyone who came by to the streams 💕 Here's to less stressful ones in the future and more timelapse videos because I've fallen behind on those!

Chill painting tonight, will probably do something with my nightborne again, like a quick portrait.

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Basil and Thistles in formal House Zib robes at their more "proper" wedding ceremony on their home world :) Thistles belongs to ✨ |

I'll be continuing work on the drawing I started on Wednesday's stream! My good nightborne and his big cat Loyanne.

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Not super sure what I'm doing yet tonight but I may draw or paint my good nightborne??

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I'll be working on some small sketch commissions and sketches for bigger ones tonight :)

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There's no stream tonight as I'm not feeling super great. Next one's on Monday!

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