“this feels familiar, but I can’t put my finger on why?”

🎵it’s because I accidentally designed the Rebel Alliance logo🎵

‘kay, we’ve reached the point in the night where I’m just opening documents, looking at them, and closing them again without adding anything.

Time for bed.

I rely heavily on color in my pieces. Trying to get out of my comfort zone and sharpen those skills!

Pixel constellation pattern! Gonna do a couple different color ways of this one, I think. Really happy with it!

Thanks for all the info! I’ve got a lot to look into now.

Hey mastodon!

Is there an easy-for-beginners game engine that I could use to handle parallax animation for me? Counting frame-by-frame pixel shifts on a large scale is unsustainable.

I’m not trying to make an actual game at this time (if that matters) just experiment with multi-plane animation.

I was gonna polish that nasa meatball more, but I actually super like it as is

what’s up nerds

my pink hair is going grey, ninety percent of my wardrobe features the nasa logo, and I make pixel art

Working on a tiling constellation pattern. Making progress!


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