@purplePaws For a variety of body types and interesting poses I really like Croquis Cafe's image archive: onairvideo.com/photo-archive.h

Bodies in Motion has a lot of acrobatic/gymnastic poses, yeah, but a lot of other variety of action-y poses as well: bodiesinmotion.photo/

The photographic Height/Weight chart gives a lot of examples of body types at various height/weights: height-weight-chart.com/height

And the Humanae tumblr is a fantastic resource of different faces! humanae.tumblr.com/random
(That link will give you a random face every time you click it, or you can go to the main blog and just scroll through at your leisure.)

Hope this helps! :)

Here is 5 instances

elekk.xyz : gaming
admin: @noelle

mastodon.gamedev.place/ : gamedevs (very new)
admin: @aras

tenforward.social/about/more : star trek themed
admin: @guinan

photog.social : photography
admin: @ambassador

scholar.social/: teaching and academics
admin: @socrates
Lets decentralize a little.

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Artist-friendly (visual art, literary art, you name it), social and active; we also like dragons.

😃 #Mastodon is getting a lot of new users right now, but, importantly, it's also getting new instances. Here are two comics focused instances for #under1000



Marketing in Mastodon (tldr, don't!) 

I am going to answer this generally because I have seen several non-individual entities (companies, organizations, blogs etc) stumble on mastodon (welcome!) and be very confused about this issue of gaining traction in this new medium.

First, there are no algorithms here, or trending topics. You won't be penalized for a toot with less likes, or your account having less followers. So you don't have to compete against better promoted content just to be visible. :) Every single toot will be visible to your local instance. Followers and boosts will carry your posts across the fediverse.

Other side of the coin is that Mastodon is not a platform to mirror your existing content only, or to gain a one way audience.

Interacting with people, and being part of the ongoing dialogues (and quality/relevance of your content) is what will help you more in becoming part of one of the many voices within the community. :)

@ExilianOfficial@mastodon.at I hope this is helpful and welcome to the fediverse. :)

Anyone else, feel free to disagree, correct, add..

Rambles about Mastodon 

I'm glad that my worried pessimism from yesterday about mastodon not being able to hold up long-term to the mass exodus that's arriving is slowly fading away. I was really worried how servers and things would handle it given it's such a small outfit.

Mastodon.ART has proved otherwise - it's great to see the curator doing a bang up job of keeping everything stable. The community feels so warm and thriving right now, I think we all might have found a new friendly home.

it can be a little confusing here at first, so i hope this helps!

OH my gosh guys I'm back now, promise! I've been playing around with El Lawrence ink on watercolor paper (lines with a F Lamy nib and lighter tones diluted with water in a brush pen) and I'm a wee bit enthused with how this looks and feels 😀 mastodon.art/media/Io8flgaUS0r mastodon.art/media/JT4XZlIjCp2 mastodon.art/media/qR6uKmXv87i

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