Here’s your Monday morning cup of love. Blue and red fountain pen.

That big red and black ballpoint skull from a few weeks ago, proper scan. A3 size. In my shop if you want it.

Another “eye” abstract. Pink, yellow and light blue fountain pens on card. Similar ones are in my shop.

I have a few more of these little ones. Fountain pen on card.

Experimental landscape. Blue and red. Town on the coast.

A whole lot of ballpoint, red and light blue. Portrait of my partner.

Rocky coast and cove, with a carpet of wildflowers. Black rollerball probably Pilot v5.

Autumn birches. Fountain pen “block print” on card. About 8x10 / 20x25cm. In my shop.

I feel like this should be the cover of a SF novel from like Hungary in the 1950s. Red and blue ballpoint.

@kaerhon so, if you'll bear with me, it's in the style of a block print, and if I'd actually cut it and printed it with dye as I have done, it would look like that, but instead i used fountain pens to lay down the ink in close parallel lines.

Here’s your Monday morning cup of coffee. Red and blue fountain pen block print.

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